Panda Peeks – Malgudi

Biryani? YAS PLEASE. Especially if it's from Malgudi - the fictional town (and wonderful restaurant) of all things spice and nice!

Food clicks of the month – April 2017

Hello, dear reader! We hope April’s been treating you well. This month, we are starting something new – Food Clicks of the Month. We have...

Panda Peeks – Sakae Sushi

When a sushi noob steps into Sakae Sushi, guess what happens? Read on to find out more!

Panda Peeks – Sushi King

Sushi King is literally the king of Japanese food in Malaysia. Want to know what they offer? Read on!

Panda Peeks – Hayadon

Not a fan of raw fish or sushi? Japanese food has a wide variety that includes donburi, like the ones Hayadon serves up. Read to find out more!

Panda Peeks – Madam Kwan’s

When we say truly Malaysian, which is the first name that comes to your mind? If you said Madam Kwan, we're on the same boat!

Panda Peeks – Poppo Kanteen

Wholesome Malaysian food is wholly awesome! Poppo Kanteen has a variety of local delicacies to suit every palate. Read on to know more!

Panda Peeks – Chili’s

Chili's is very well known for its hospitable ambiance and family-friendly meals and portions. Read on to find out how our food review went!

Panda Peeks – Hard Rock Cafe

Rockin' with awesome food? Gotta be Hard Rock Cafe! Read on to find out more!

Panda Peeks – Rama V

Named after the revered Thai king, Rama V is opulent, beautiful and has encapsulated Thailand perfectly in its offerings. Read on!

Panda Peeks – Five Sen5es at Westin KL

Five-star Cantonese food in an equally opulent setting? Five Sen5es at Westin KL serves all of that up, and much more!

Panda Peeks – La Juiceria

A one-day juice cleanse sounds simple on paper, but our editor found out there's so much more to it. Read on to find out how it went!

Panda Peeks – Salad Atelier

Do salads have to be boring? With Salad Atelier's options, they never again will be!

Panda Peeks – Raisin’ The Roof

It was a visit that was filled with lovely flavours, wonderful ingredients and absolutely no guilt at all. Want to know more? Read on!

Italian vs Mediterranean Food, let GoBear help you compare.

Want to know the differences and similarities of Italian and Mediterranean food? Let GoBear lead the way!

Panda Peeks – Italiannies

Can a home-grown brand impress an Italian with its Italian food? Italiannies did just that!

Panda Peeks – LUCE

Is there ever a bad pizza? Maybe not, but there are always better pizzas, as we discovered with LUCE!

Panda Peeks – Nerovivo

Our writer heard so many good reviews about Nerovivo from Italians themselves, so she went over to see what the fuss was all about. Read on to find out!

Panda Peeks – Ayam Penyet Best

Ayam penyet is a local favourite, and we recently got to try Ayam Penyet Best's version of the popular Malay/Indonesian dish. How was it? Read on to find out!

Panda Peeks – Pickle & Fig

Looking to immerse in KL's cafe culture? Look no further than Pickle & Fig!

Panda Peeks – Organic Leaf

You know vegetarian food is good when we managed to get our carnivore writer to sing praises about it. Read on to find out more!

Top of the Town – 3 Tasty Salads to Try in KL

A bowl of greens and fruits can be really filling and surprisingly really tasty too! To find out where we get our favourite salads, read further!

Panda Peeks – Malabar Palace

How about a trip to India and back in one hour? Impossible you say? Oh, no. Not when you step foot into Malabar Palace!

The Perfect Match – A Cup of Art with Cappuccino

Did you know that a good cup of cappuccino heightens the flavours of any other meals? What follows is a series of combination that tastes so much better when paired with a cup of cappuccino. Read on!

Panda Peeks – Trishna

Beautiful Indian dishes and hospitality like no other, Trishna welcomes you with open arms!

Top of the Town – 3 Biryani Varieties to Try in KL

Biryani is love, biryani is life - or so a wise man said. Are you around KL and looking for a good biryani to fill your tummy? Look no further than this article!

Panda Peeks – La Mexicana

An authentic Mexican restaurant serving up quintessential, traditional dishes crafted with heart and soul, La Mexicana converted our editor into a Mexican food lover!

The Perfect Match: Barley Limau for the Win!

Barley limau is a local Malaysian twist on the traditional Chinese drink - with a squeeze of fresh lime before serving. Join us as we hunt down tasty foods that would go well with this drink!

Panda Peeks – Al-Tanoor

Want a taste of Arabia in the epicentre of Kuala Lumpur? Look no further than Al-Tanoor, which specialises in Syrian and Arabian delicacies!

The Perfect Match: The Lowdown on Cincau

Sweet and refreshing, cincau has made its way into the hearts and stomachs of Malaysians. How does it pair with some of our favourite dishes? Well, we do the research for you!