Facebook Live with Din Tai Fung — A Writer’s Experience

Stepping into Din Tai Fung was a learning experience for me, to taste fine Taiwanese cuisine with a long and rich history. Want to know more? Keep reading!

The Perfect Match – A Cup of Art with Cappuccino

Did you know that a good cup of cappuccino heightens the flavours of any other meals? What follows is a series of combination that tastes so much better when paired with a cup of cappuccino. Read on!

Panda Peeks – Trishna

Beautiful Indian dishes and hospitality like no other, Trishna welcomes you with open arms!

Guide to Kuala Lumpur – Golden Triangle

Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle features food, places and culture that are some of Malaysia’s prized possessions. Experience the amazing sights and sounds of the country’s capital city!

Top of the Town – 3 Biryani Varieties to Try in KL

Biryani is love, biryani is life - or so a wise man said. Are you around KL and looking for a good biryani to fill your tummy? Look no further than this article!

Panda Peeks – La Mexicana

An authentic Mexican restaurant serving up quintessential, traditional dishes crafted with heart and soul, La Mexicana converted our editor into a Mexican food lover!

The Perfect Match: Barley Limau for the Win!

Barley limau is a local Malaysian twist on the traditional Chinese drink - with a squeeze of fresh lime before serving. Join us as we hunt down tasty foods that would go well with this drink!

A Penang Special – An Ode to the Pearl of the Orient

Because it’s George Town World Heritage Day, we decided to dedicate the post to our very own Mutiara Timur. Check out 8 things you should see, do or eat in Penang!

Guide to Kuala Lumpur – Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya is known as a place of old and new, with parts of it being some of the oldest places in KL while still maintaining being one of the trendiest places in town. Read on for a comprehensive guide of the city!

Celebrating Life: Ramadhan Dinner with Yayasan Sunbeams Home

Kids make my day, anytime. Their laughter exudes pure joy, their innocence adorable. Read on to find out what I did during our day with the children of Yayasan Sunbeams Home.

Panda Peeks – Al-Tanoor

Want a taste of Arabia in the epicentre of Kuala Lumpur? Look no further than Al-Tanoor, which specialises in Syrian and Arabian delicacies!

The Perfect Match: The Lowdown on Cincau

Sweet and refreshing, cincau has made its way into the hearts and stomachs of Malaysians. How does it pair with some of our favourite dishes? Well, we do the research for you!

Panda Peeks – Jom Makan Cafe

We Malaysians love our food and we happen to be very proud of its cult status too. It is definitely fitting to then name a restaurant serving quintessential Malaysian dishes as Jom Makan Cafe!

Guide to Kuala Lumpur – Damansara

Damansara is the elite area of Petaling Jaya, and there are many things one can do in the area in a day - even trying a flight simulator! Want to know more? Read on!

Ramadhan Must-Eats – A Guide to Healthy and Balanced Meals

Ramadhan requires for us to be more careful with our food choices and cooking methods. Here are some must-eat foods during iftar and sahur to keep the body nourished and energised throughout the day.

Panda Peeks – Baan26

If you want to experience great authentic Thai food, then look no further than Baan26, which sits in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s renowned Changkat district.

The Perfect Match: The Treasures of Soy Bean Milk

Smooth, sweet and with a distinctive taste, soy bean milk is a great substitute for regular dairy milk and has proven to be a hit with people of modern times and different food habits.

Panda Peeks – Hadramawt

Let's first set the scene and allow your imagination to run free: Arabian music in the background, traditional grand furnishings, and a camel strolling through the restaurant…just kidding.

Ramadhan 2016: Rules, History and Cuisine of the Islamic holy month

It’s time of the year again, where Muslims around the world celebrate the precious and holy month of Islam in over 180 countries. Want to know the origins of Ramadhan? Read on!

Beats & Bites – Hummus Recipe

Want to know how to make some super delicious hummus for your coming iftar meals? We've got your back!

Top of the Town – 3 Lovely Desserts You Should Try in KL

It would be weird to have a food magazine and not talk about desserts, so this week we’re looking at 3 amazing ones we love in KL!

Panda Peeks – Turkish Café Istanbul

Turkish food is a nice amalgamation of Mediterranean ingredients and Middle-East flavours. Ditch the known and dip into the wonderful world of Turkish cuisine!

Guide to Kuala Lumpur – Bangsar

Buckle up as we take you on a ride across KL's hipster central, Bangsar. Full of surprises at every nook and cranny, you never know what you may find!

The Perfect Match: Tasting the Sassy in Mango Lassi!

Mango lassi is a popular drink found in just about any Indian restaurant. We just love how its sweet-and-tart flavours paired so well with some of our favourites. Read on!

Panda Peeks – Canton-i

Canton-i offers quintessential Cantonese food in a modern, contemporary setting, making the most out of traditional flavours in a current time. Read on to know more!

Top of the Town – 3 gorgeous Spring soups to keep you full

In this week's Top of the Town series, foodpanda editor Yogeetha Jevan takes a close look at the best broths Kuala Lumpur Restaurants can offer

Panda Peeks – Dragon-i

Dragon-i serves up timeless, quintessential Chinese flavours in a modern, classy setting. Join us as we explore their signature dishes that made our bellies full and happy!

Guide to Kuala Lumpur – Subang Jaya

Join us on a day out in Subang Jaya

The Perfect Match: Boy Oh Boy – It’s Asam Boi!

Asam Boi is a perennial favourite, because Malaysians love all things sweet and sour! Today, we find out how well Asam Boi pairs with some of our favourite dishes!

Panda Peeks – Fa Ying

Look at Thai cuisine with brand new eyes as we duck into Fa Ying and savour its contemporary takes on quintessentially traditional flavours!