Panda Peeks – Jom Makan Cafe

We Malaysians love our food and we happen to be very proud of its cult status too. It is definitely fitting to then name a restaurant serving quintessential Malaysian dishes as Jom Makan Cafe!

Panda Peeks – Baan26

If you want to experience great authentic Thai food, then look no further than Baan26, which sits in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s renowned Changkat district.

Panda Peeks – Hadramawt

Let's first set the scene and allow your imagination to run free: Arabian music in the background, traditional grand furnishings, and a camel strolling through the restaurant…just kidding.

Panda Peeks – Turkish Café Istanbul

Turkish food is a nice amalgamation of Mediterranean ingredients and Middle-East flavours. Ditch the known and dip into the wonderful world of Turkish cuisine!

Panda Peeks – Canton-i

Canton-i offers quintessential Cantonese food in a modern, contemporary setting, making the most out of traditional flavours in a current time. Read on to know more!

Panda Peeks – Dragon-i

Dragon-i serves up timeless, quintessential Chinese flavours in a modern, classy setting. Join us as we explore their signature dishes that made our bellies full and happy!

Panda Peeks – Fa Ying

Look at Thai cuisine with brand new eyes as we duck into Fa Ying and savour its contemporary takes on quintessentially traditional flavours!

Panda Peeks – CaliBurger

CaliBurger: “Hi there, what can I get you this morning?” Me: “Just 4 burgers, 2 sides and 3 milkshakes, please…”.

Panda Peeks – Raku Pizza

A Japanese food noob takes on the challenge of Japanese fusion cuisine, featuring a wonderful mix of Japanese comfort food and American comfort food.

Panda Peeks – D’Tandoor

Stepping into D’Tandoor Subang Jaya is a little bit like walking out of a time travel machine. Soft dim chandeliers adorn the ceilings, with earth-toned...

Panda Peeks – Aroma Brickfields

Explore Kuala Lumpur's best Indian food in our first Panda Peeks feature - starring Aroma Brickfields