10 Famous Pan Mee in Klang Valley

10 Famous Pan Mee in Klang Valley

Let’s take a look at netizen’s top 10 famous Pan Mee in Klang Valley! Pan Mee are definitely one of Malaysian’s favourite noodle dishes. In food courts, hawker centres and restaurants, there is sure to be a Pan Mee stall.

1. Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House at Klang

Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House at Klang
Image Credit: Adrian Fong

This Pan Mee restaurant in Klang has been operating since 1980 and is one of the most well-known Pan Mee stalls in Klang. It is often packed with patrons even during non-peak hours. The chef is experienced and skilful, with the ability to cook five bowls of noodles at the same time without compromising on quality.

The establishment offers authentic Pan Mee, with an option of hand-pulled noodles or thin noodles. Come on over to have a taste of this smooth and tasty Pan Mee; it is absolutely delicious!

2. Hokkien Pan Mee at SS19, Subang

Hokkien Pan Mee at SS19, Subang
Image Credit: OpenRice

Located in Subang, this stall only offers one type of noodle, which is the hand-pulled traditional Pan Mee. The stall is managed by a gentleman who took over his mother’s stall two years ago. After queueing and ordering, you will be given a number.

Be sure to be patient, as it may be a long wait (which can go up to 20 minutes during lunch hours) due to its popularity. Compare to other Pan Mee; this Pan Mee’s soup is darker in colour due to the addition of braised minced meat, which elevates the soup’s flavour.

3. Chun Kee Special Hand Pull

Chun Kee Special Hand Pull
Image Credit: OpenRice

Smooth Pan Mee at Section 17, PJ
Located in PJ, Chun Kee Pan Mee is famous for its unique hand pulling technique. The noodle dough is first shaped into a ball and soaked in water. Once sufficient time has passed, the dough is removed and pulled into pieces of Mee Hoon Kuih upon each order received. This complicated process may explain why their noodles’ texture is chewy and smooth. You will definitely crave for more!

4. Hoi Kee Pan Mee at Segambut

Hoi Kee Pan Mee at Segambut
Image Credit: OpenRice

This Pan Mee store is located within Hoi Kee Kopitiam, and has been operating for over 30 years, which is almost as old as the Kopitiam! Although the stall itself does not specifically sell Pan Mee, local patrons are fully aware of how great their Pan Mee is. Their Pan Mee contains pork, minced meat, anchovies, vegetables and fried Fu-chuk, while their soup tastes sweet and flavourful, be sure not to waste it!

5. Lian Kee Pan Mee at Old Klang Road

Lian Kee Pan Mee at Old Klang Road
Image Credit: ilovemalaysianfood

Lian Kee Pan Mee is located near Scott Garden and only operates at night. This stall has a long history of over 40 years. They have several options including hand-pulled noodles and thick noodles.

If you love Pan Mee, make sure to ask for extra toppings such as mushrooms, pork slices, minced meat, fried anchovies, sweet potato leaves; your bowl will be filled to the brim! The addition of fried garlic and fried onion may cause their soup to be slightly oily, but the smell is amazing!

6. Lim Kee Pan Mee at Taynton View, Cheras

Lim Kee Pan Mee at Taynton View, Cheras
Image Credit: Go Cheras

Initially, Lim Kee Pan Mee was just a roadside stall and has finally expanded to having their own shop 3 years ago, which offers both Pan Mee and Pork noodles. Diners that frequent Lim Kee come here for their Pan Mee with Soup and Dried Pan Mee.

Their Pan Mee with Soup is tasty, flavourful yet not greasy, while their noodles have just the right texture as well. If you are a pork lover, opt for the Special Pork Pan Mee, which is loaded with a variety of pork and intestines. Besides noodles, take a sip of their Classic Cincau White Coffee! Definitely a match made in heaven!

7. Five Colour Pan Mee at Serdang

Five Colour Pan Mee at Serdang
Image Credit: Ai Wei

Located beside Serdang Kampung Baru Church, the reason for the popularity of this Pan Mee stall is due to their special 5 colour Pan Mee. The noodle gets its name from the 5 colours in the dish. The 5 colours are white (made using pure flour), green (made using spinach), yellow (made using pumpkin), purple (made using sweet potatoes), and orange (made using red capsicum).

Not to worry as the colours are made using all-natural ingredients. This might just be the prettiest Pan Mee you will ever taste! Not solely just for the aesthetic value, these ingredients have health benefits too!

8. QQ Traditional Homemade

QQ Traditional Homemade
Image Credit: tasteem

Noodles at Desa Setapak
QQ Traditional Homemade Noodles is located near Wangsa Maju LRT station. Their Pan Mee is unique and different as it is thick and round, like the noodles used for Hokkien Noodles, which makes the noodle smooth and slippery (in a good way of course!). The only thing you should keep in mind is the waiting time, which is about an average of 15 minutes per bowl due to the noodle’s cooking time.

9. Tian YaKe Ban Mian at Chow Kit

Tian YaKe Ban Mian at Chow Kit
Image Credit: ilovemalaysianfood

Tian YaKe is located within Lorong Haji Taib 5 and is a small stall marked with a yellow banner. The noodles are kneaded and layered one by one, which is then sliced. This technique explains the noodles irregular shapes and sizes.

Once cooked, the noodles are smooth and chewy. Besides noodles being their main ingredient, other side toppings include mushrooms and fried onions. It is recommended to add on an egg, which will make your soup thick and taste extra yummy!

10. Tim Kee Restaurant at Seri Kembangan

Tim Kee Restaurant at Seri Kembangan
Image Credit: OpenRice

Tim Kee restaurant was originally located in Bukit Bintang; however, their Serdang branch is the only Tim Kee Pan Mee that is currently operating as its flagship store has ceased operations. Due to their location, there seem to be fewer patrons compared to the original shop in Bukit Bintang.

But that doesn’t mean that their taste and quality has been compromised. The new shop still maintains its traditional flavour. Both the Pan Mee with soup and dried Pan Mee taste great; what makes them unique as well as the flat noodles that are wider than the typical Pan Mee.

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