5 Famous and Easy Breakfast

5 Famous and Easy Breakfast

[Let’s have this for our breakfast!]

What is better than starting your day with a hearty and filling breakfast? Introducing you not one but five quick and easy breakfast ideas with eggs! You do not have to worry what to have for breakfast anymore! Wait no more and let’s try this out this weekend!

Going out for breakfast? No, that is too expensive! Making your own breakfast? No, I have no idea what to make! It seems like egg dishes are the best choice for breakfast! Eggs are like the universal language in the culinary world and every country has its own way of preparing them. Eggs are no doubt one of the most simple and versatile ingredients in the kitchen.

So today, I am going to introduce you my top five favorite egg dishes that are perfect for breakfast and I can guarantee you that they are all egg-cellent!

1. Sunny Egg

A perfectly fried sunny egg comes with golden and runny egg yolk. Eating it together with a toast surely is the most delightful way to kick start a productive day!

What you need for this egg dish is just the basic skills of frying an egg! As simple as it is, it is going to taste heavenly!

2. Scrambled Egg

Adding fresh milk to your egg dish makes it creamy, fluffy and dreamy!

There are many different types of scrambled eggs up for you to try! Be it American style, French style or British style, these gorgeous eggs match perfectly with toast and bacon for your most essential meal of the day!

3. Eggs-Benedict

Here comes my favorite breakfast menu item! It comes with perfectly poached eggs (not one but two!!)! The hero of the dish, the Hollandaise sauce! Warm ham! Crispy bacon! Wowwwwwww!!! Definitely the best breakfast on earth!

4. Omelette

Next up, we have this hearty and tasty breakfast for you! You can add many different fillings of your choice into the omelette and take your breakfast game to the next level! Even better, you can add cheese into your fillings as it is a necessary to complete the whole dish! Can’t believe I am already drooling by just describing this dish!

All the ingredients have to be sliced or diced. Some classic fillings for omelette are like sausages, bacon and ham! Of course you can add in mushrooms, tomatoes and some vegetables of your choice to make it a balanced meal. That is going to be so so so delicious!

5. Poached Egg

Can you even skip poached egg for your breakfast? The perfect combination of toast and poached egg are definitely the best ingredients to jazz up your first meal of the day! With the Hollandaise sauce, it turns into Benedict eggs!

It is very crucial to poach the eggs with the correct heat for an accurate period of time; otherwise it is going to be overcooked and turns into hard boiled eggs. Of course, it is always easier said than done. Check the recipe and instructions attached here out and give it a try!


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