6 Famous Malacca Supper Places

6 Famous Malacca Supper Places

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#01 Roti Canai Tangga Batu

Roti Canai Tangga Batu
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This stall is located near to the Petronas Penapisan and sells roti canai, which is a popular supper option in Malacca. This is one of the rarely seen food stalls that still insist on using charcoal to maintain the authentic taste. Their roti canai has an extra-crispy texture and is served with gravy which tastes like peanut and anchovies, which makes it similar to satay sauce.

The vendor only serves roti canai, nasi campus and asam pedas. The freshly-cooked fish with spicy assam flavour matched perfectly with white rice or even roti canai.

Address: 76400 Tanjung Kling, Malacca
Business Hours: 1830 – midnight (Closed on Friday)

#02 Restoran Pak Putra Tandoori n Roti Naan

Restoran Pak Putra Tandoori n Roti Naan
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If you are a roti naan lover, check out this place! The restaurant opens in the evening and closes when the clock strikes midnight. You can find the restaurant located between a stretch of shop lots serving Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Back then, just like the name of the restaurant, they only serve Tandoori, Roti Naan, nasi lemak, chapatti, and other simple menu items. Now, they have expanded their menu to include other main courses suitable not just for supper but dinner as well.

They serve varieties of roti naan including garlic naan, butter naan, cheese naan and potato naan. Tandoori is the best dish to compliment an excellent, flavourful roti naan. The tender and juicy chicken pairs well with the mint sauce and is a recommended dish too. If roti naan is not what you are looking for, you can try their biryani as well. Do order some side dishes and pair it with the roti naan or biryani to make the food experience bolder.

Address: 56 & 58, Jalan 4, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka
Business Hours: 1730 – midnight (Closed on Monday)

#03 SS Food and Beverage Station

SS Food and Beverage Station
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Next under the spotlight is this family-operated shop that sells duck noodles. Apart from the basic ingredients served in a bowl of duck noodles, you can select your additional side dishes such as fish paste yong tau foo and vegetables which will be cooked with soy soup and served to you together with the duck noodle.

Noodles at the restaurant are unlike the ordinary “yellow noodle”, but is more similar to rice noodles (Kuey Teow). The toppings include shredded duck meat, fresh onions, dried onions, and beansprouts. You can choose to enjoy the dish in two forms; soup or dry noodles.

Address: 42, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, Kampung Durian Daun, 75100 Melaka
Business Hours: 1800 – midnight

#04 Bunga Raya Fried Oyster

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Next on the list is a stall located in Medan Makan Boon Leong. The experienced chef sells fried oyster or as we call it “Oh Jian” in Hokkien. It is a dish that is a combination of simple ingredients like eggs and oysters. You can call it an oyster omelette as the egg is the important base in the dish.

The golden brown colour and wonderful aroma of this unique delicacy have attracted locals and tourists alike to queue up for this dish. If you plan to pay a visit during the weekend, please be patient as most of the time you will be waiting in a long queue.

Address: Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka
Business Hours: 2000 – midnight

#05 Happy Wei Wei Kopitiam

Happy Wei Wei Kopitiam
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This kopitiam was the first eatery in Malacca to set up an ordering system using a QR code. Having been in operating for 10 years, this restaurant serves a variety of food such as laksa, porridge, steamed bread and noodles. The stall is located just in front of Novotel and is one of the favourite spots for locals to satiate their hunger during late nights.

The well-known laksa in the restaurant sells out pretty quickly. The grilled chicken wings and porridge are recommended if you want to snack on something light. 

Address: Jalan Melaka Raya 2, 75000 Melaka, Melaka
Business Hours: 1700 – 0400

#06 Little Kuey Teow, Red Square Malacca

Image Credit: Melaka My Hometown

Famous with their kuey teow (rice noodle) with herbal soup and fried pork meatball, it is one of the favourite supper spots for the locals. Apart from kuey teow soup, they also serve braised duck, braised pork and fried chicken.

There are various side dishes available to add into your bowl of kuew teow soup such as roasted pork, duck feet, braised tofu, braised egg and other vegetables served with oyster sauce.

Address: Jalan Melaka Raya 8, 75000 Melaka
Business Hours: 1800 – 0400 (Closed on Monday)

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