Best Yong Tau Fu Places to Try in Ampang

Best Yong Tau Fu Places to Try in Ampang

The history of the best Ampang Yong Tau Fu places started with a Hakka lady and her singe stall in the wet market of Ampang New Village. If you are a local here, you will know what I am talking about.

Then, the taste of yong tau fu in generally had been brought out of the market into the streets where people can access more easily. Now, you can get many established Yong Tau Fu restaurants and eateries here in Ampang.

Here are the best ones that you must not miss out on.

1. Foong Foong Restaurant

This place offers you the simplest menu but the most delicious ones. Order a hot cup of Chinese tea and enjoy endless plates of yong tau fu. Expect a long queue at the counter where patrons place their orders which then are put through to the kitchen by a microphone. This happens especially during peak hours where you will see a continuous coming and going.

Plus, they are only open until lunch. So, now you know why people crowd this place. You can choose chillies, ladies fingers, taufu and brinjal yong tau fu with some deep-fried sui kow making a hearty lunch for you.

Also, you can get your hands on their signature Hakka yong tau fu which has salted fish mixed into the meat paste made from scratch. You will enjoy every bite of your flavourful dish here.

Address: 621-A Jalan Merdeka, Ampang 68000 Malaysia

2. Orchard View

Lucky you are for having this place right next to Foong Foong Restaurant. So, you can opt for this eatery if Foong Foong happened to be too crowded and you are in a rush.

They offer an extensive list of food choices besides yong tau fu. They offer white wine chicken, fish head bee hoon and Hakka roast pork. You now have options and can bring along friends and family members who don’t fancy yong tau fu.

Order their taufu and brinjal yong tau fu and watch yourself falling in love with this place. The consistency of the taufu is said to be better than Foong Foong’s. So, you know this place is as incredible as Foong Foong.

On top of that, their sambal fish is the star of the show. The fish is stuffed with sambal and fried to slightly blackened crips, you will end up smiling when this dish gets to your table. So tempting and mouth-watering.

Not to forget, their paper bag chicken which is served in either drumstick or breasts portions. This chicken is wrapped in a paper bag with slices of ginger, herbs and a thick sauce mix. Baked to infuse all the ingredients into the flesh.

So, when you take every bite of it, you will taste the spices blending in creating a flavourful dish. Pimp this dish with white rice and enjoy a hearty meal.

3. Home Town Yong Tau Foo

The last best yong tau fu place in Ampang is here. Located just around the corner from Ampang Point, this place serves a variety of yong tau fu items for you to choose from. Home Town serves you their yong tau fu in a huge bowl of broth.

They make sure you get a hearty meal by the end of your dining experience with them. Their taufu is said to be the best out of all the items, soft and slippery, you will have a good time catching them in your bowl of soup.

Jokes aside, their taufu has a great consistency that helps to melt in your mouth with the flavours bursting in your mouth. Adding to it, their signature dish is the you tiao or char kway stuffed yong tau fu in which the char kway is fried twice, once alone and then with fish paste making it very crunchy.

To get the best experience of yong tau fu, do yourself a favour and get here. You will never regret but come here more often then on.

Address: 47, Jalan Mamanda 9, Taman Dato Ahmad Razali, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

Well, there you have it, folks! A list of the best Yong Tau Fu places in Ampang for you to try out. So, what are you waiting for? Call up all your friends for a Yong Tau Food adventure!

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