Appreciation For All – Our Inaugural Vendor Appreciation Event

Appreciation For All – Our Inaugural Vendor Appreciation Event

Preparing a dinner for a total of about 80 people in less than a month almost killed the Marketing team of 4 including the graphic designer with an already-long line ups of campaigns, but as a team we took up the challenge.

Truth to be told, we were thinking that this event would sail smoothly as long as we get our venue, food and beverages sorted out. It’s absolutely right but the problem was we could not find a proper venue to have a cozy buffet dinner. Disaster much? Completely, but we managed to persevere!

Vendor Appreciation Dinner | foodpanda Magazine

A week has past and thank goodness, Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur came to the rescue so we could quickly send out the invites to our vendors, Salad Atelier, Hard Rock Cafe KL, Nando’s, Sushi King, Malabar Palace, O’Briens, Sakae Sushi, Al-Amar, Chili’s Passage Thru India, Tarbush, Cappati dot com, Juice Works, Luce and Souled Out, just to name a few. We have also extended the invitation to our beloved list of amazing people that you’d probably saw them on our Facebook Lives already – Talitha Tan, Ezra Chua and many more.

So back to our to-dos for this event, we sorted out two tasks out of a gazillion. Our poor Graphic Designer had to design and order so many types of merchandise that at least a supplier to drop by at our office almost every other day to deliver cute pandas, tags, foodpanda mugs and the list goes on.

Vendor Appreciation Dinner | foodpanda Magazine

We also found an excellent emcee, David Chew from BFM and experienced photographer, Thomas Starlit (yes, that’s his family name, Starlit. Totally lit right? I know). Aside from the fun things we sorted out, we had to come up with the names of the awards for our vendors. So these are what we came up with and the award winners of course:

    The ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ Award is awarded to Sushi King for being the most digitally savvy vendor with foodpanda Malaysia
    The Everest Award is awarded to Nando’s for reaching the highest number of orders with foodpanda Malaysia
    The ‘Certified Famous’ Award is awarded to Hard Rock Cafe KL for garnering the highest number of positive user reviews with foodpanda Malaysia
    The ‘Hakuna Matata’ Award is awarded to Malabar Palace Restaurant for recording the lowest number of order issues with foodpanda Malaysia
    The ‘Failure is not an option’ Award is awarded to Passage Thru India for delivering the highest percentage of successful orders with foodpanda Malaysia.
    The ‘Speedy Chefs’ Award is awarded to Al-Amar for consistently clocking in the best delivery time with foodpanda Malaysia

The appreciation dinner went smoothly and much better than we expected. I think it’s safe to say that we would totally do this again but in a month: probably not!

Vendor Appreciation Dinner | foodpanda Magazine

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