6 Popular Arabic Dishes to Enjoy during Ramadhan

6 Popular Arabic Dishes to Enjoy during Ramadhan

Ramadhan is the holy month when Muslims all fast together. We all know how important this religious month is for our fellow Muslim friends. In addition, we also understand how sometimes you struggle to think of what to cook for iftar or sahur. Well, how about you do it a little differently this year? Try out some Arabic dishes during this Ramadhan! In this article, we have prepared a list of popular Arabic dishes which you can enjoy during Ramadhan. Let’s jump into it!

Arabic Dishes to Make During Ramadhan:

1. Aseeda

The first dish is called Aseeda, a dish served in Libya. It is known to be a famous traditional dish, especially during Ramadhan season.

Aseeda is a boiled flour pudding that is made from wheat flour or whole-meal flour doughs. Then, it’ll be cooked in water and often eaten with honey and melted better. It is best to eat Aseeda after iftar as a dessert. After having a hearty dish during iftar, this dessert will definitely make your day!

2. Foul Mdammas

Next on the list is a dish called Foul Mdammas. Originated from Syria, this dish is often prepared during Ramadhan. Make some Foul Mdammas for a fulfilling meal!

People enjoy eating this for iftar, you can almost say it is a staple during Ramadhan seasons. Made of fava beans, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil, it goes well with some bread. You can also eat it without the bread, it’s up to your preference, really.

3. Fattah

Ramadhan will not be complete without Fattah, a popular dish from Egypt. This dish is best eaten during iftar as it is a heavy meal. It consists of rice, bread, tomato sauce, and meat, perfectly combined to form a flavourful dish.

Many cook the dish differently from one another, but these are the main ingredients. Everyone can agree that Fattah tastes the best whenever it’s home cooked. You can try making this dish for Ramadhan this year to impress your family members!

4. Harira Soup

Harira Soup is an authentic soup from Morocco. This dish deserves a spot on the list. The soup is simply delicious and irresistible! Main ingredients of this soup include chickpeas, tomato, and lentils.

Sometimes, meat is used too to make the dish more satisfying and filling. The fragrance of Harira Soup alone will make you salivate! Besides dates, this soup is one of the best dish to break your fast.

5. Erseeyah

The next dish is a traditional dish originated from Oman named Erseeyah. A few ingredients are needed to make this yummy, hearty, and rich dish. Some of the main ingredients include chicken, fish or meat, rice, spices, and a dash of spicy sauce. When these ingredients are mashed and combined, you’ll have Erseeyah! Not only is it popular during Ramadhan, it is also a common dish during Eid and in wedding ceremonies. 

6. Fattoush

If you are health-conscious, we suggest trying out Lebanon’s national dish called Fattoush. Fattoush is a bread salad which comes together with other types of vegetables. You can use any vegetables that you enjoy, the usual choices are tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, and cucumber. Don’t forget to add in some fried pieces of pita bread as well!

And there you have it, folks! 6 popular Arabic dishes you can enjoy during Ramadhan. These dishes will totally make your family members satisfied and happy.

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