Asian Food Study Conference

Asian Food Study Conference

Behold! Tho most anticipated event of the year is approaching. November 28-30 the biggest event for Asian Food will be held on this very date. The assembling of all cultural and heritage Asian food. A must-event you need to join to enjoy our beautiful and cultural food.

A great place to taste and discover more delicious food that you might not know of. There are a lot of activities held by the organizer to make people more closer to our Asian delish. Activities include rituals, festivals,

History of Asian Food

Cooking has been the ultimate method of preparing and flooring food. It started from the ancient days, where people grill meat and greens to flavor the food. The act of grilling food is simply putting any food in an open flare.

With more choice of food discovered, more methods of cooking have been evolved. With more methods of cooking has been evolved, a lot more good food was produced. Asia is a cultured country that is rich with heritage food.

Asia is known as the home of multi-culture which leads to a lot of different heritage food in one place. What differs Asian countries to another country is the Asian country’s staple food; rice. Rice is the mother of all dishes in every Asian country. All of the side dishes ever existed are made to eat with rice.

Types of Asian Food

Asian food is divided into several parts of the Asian Country. Listed below are the types of Asian country and where to get them;

  • South-West Asian cuisine

The south-west Asian country consists of India, Pakistan, and Burma. The food in these areas is flavoured with a variety of spices, herbs, and chilis. They are most famous for their curry. Curry can be ordered from Ken-Chan Curry

  • North-East Asian cuisine

The north-east Asian country consists of China, Korea, and Japan. The famous signature dish of this region is noodle. Noodle from these places can be varied like ramen, udon, mee and bee hoon. Noodles can be ordered from Gerai Makanan Mee Combat.

  • South-East cuisine

South-East cuisine consisted of Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia and our homeland; Malaysia. As rice is the staple dish in the South-East regional, types of rices were invented to cater to the diner. The types of rice are of fried rice, white rice, ‘nasi kandar’, ‘nasi kerabu’ and some other rice. Rice can be orders from Nasi Kotak Bangi.

WHO should join & WHY

People who would like to promote their cultural food should be joining this event. The perfect opportunity to showcase your heritage food to the public.

Food hunter and food lover across the world should assemble and join this Asian Food Study Conference. People who would like to learn more about our culture and heritage through food is pleased to welcome to this event. Visit foodpanda to learn more about food events around us!

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