A&W Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

A&W Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of A&W is nostalgia. A&W will always be remembered for their delicious Coney hotdogs and Root beer Floats. Even though the franchise’s popularity has somewhat decreased, some of the items remain as a tasty delight. A&W has also introduced more delicious and scrumptious burgers to their menu. A&W delivery in Kuala Lumpur brings you the best of what they have. 


  • 5 Fortune Burger

A&W has introduced the 5 Fortune Burger – specially crafted five-spice chicken patty coated with oriental BBQ sauce and fresh and crunchy purple cabbage with spicy hot ranch. This meal comes with golden and crisp wedges, drizzled with more of the spicy hot ranch. Hurry and order this burger now. One bite of this and you’ll have all the fortune that you need!

  • Cream Cheese Beef Burger

Recently, A&W introduced a delicious (but unfortunately limited time only) burger – the Cream Cheese Beef Burger. The burger consists of succulent beef patty, combined with tomatoes, lettuce, deep-fried onion rings, caramelised onions, chicken crisp and a generous dollop of cream cheese. The abundance of ingredients surprisingly compliment each other well and releases a burst of flavour on every bite. To fully enjoy this meal, turn your meal into a set where you’ll be able to enjoy the salty and crispy fries while downing the burger with a glass of root beer. 

  • Mozza Burger

A delicious double beef patty burger that comes with mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and a chicken crisp, and sandwiched between two soft and warm sesame buns. Yum! The thick and juicy beef patty promises a burst of flavours to the burger while the vegetables provide a crunch and fresh balance to the meal.

You can also add it in your cart for A&W delivery in Kuala Lumpur to reach out to you if you are located in Kuala Lumpur. 

  • Coney

The All-American Coney can be considered a nostalgic treat or an old-school favourite. Indulge in the signature chicken or beef sausage drenched in the A&W’s one-of-a-kind sauce, minced onion and meat. You can make this a meal set which comes with large fries or curly fries and root beer.

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