Bangsar South Dessert Cafes: Enjoy Sweet Treats in Bangsar South

Bangsar South Dessert Cafes: Enjoy Sweet Treats in Bangsar South

Desserts are one of the favourite meals for everyone after supper, and this is very true as we can see now how fast a new desserts spot pops up every now and then throughout our neighbourhood in Malaysia. Be it a cool hipster cafe that serves only good coffee and tea, or a renovated themed cafe that serves all sorts of cakes, bread and pastries, desserts can be found anywhere and everywhere these days.

While main course meals are essential, desserts are considered a must to some people, especially to those that deem themselves desserts connoisseurs. Today we’ve gathered a few of our favourite popular Bangsar South dessert cafes for when you’re in the area!

1. Jasyln Cakes

First founded by Jasyln Ranges, you will be swept away by the pastry choices prepared in front of you as you step into the cafe. From sweet, soft and gooey honeycomb tiles to light and fluffy OG Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, their baked goods are all delicious and heavenly. Not to mention, they bake and make all their delicious desserts with wholesome ingredients such as Kampung Eggs, rye grain, organic flour, etc. This is the perfect Bangsar South dessert cafe for the health-conscious!

2. Joy St.

Calling all gelato lovers! This spot is for you.

Made with love by a former engineer and medical student, this gelato cafe offers a whooping 18 unique gelato flavours for you to choose from. Such as Avocado Mango, Red Bean Pandan, Biscoff cookie and even Sticky Date! In particular, their Earl Grey and Lychee Watermelon Sorbet are definitely worth trying.

3. Namelaka Patisserie

There’s no doubt that this dessert cafe is the most Instagrammable spot among all the dessert places on this list.

Have you ever seen desserts that looked and tasted like a fruit? Here, their desserts feature the creamy texture of a pastry cream paired with the rich tangy sensation of a Ganache. You also won’t have to add any additional sugar into your dessert as the dessert itself is sweet enough already!

4. Hanbing Korean Dessert

As their name suggests, Hanbing Korean Dessert is famous for its Korean Bingsu. Their shaved ice is shaved finely to the core and is topped off with fresh fruits, such as ripe and juicy mango chunks. You can opt to add a premium ice cream flavour too if you’re craving for something a little sweeter. Mind you, they prepare and cut their mango fresh from the counter, so expect your bingsu dessert to be delicious and refreshing at the same time!

5. Upperhouse Kitchen And Dessert bar

This Australian inspired dessert and kitchen bar offers contemporary western food items and plated desserts. Their cafe decoration is very cosy with white and earthy tones found dominating their decor. There is also a small corner for little kids to play around while the parents wait for them over a cup of Greek Yogurt Parfait. Their popular desserts include Carrot Jelly, Chunks of Honeycomb, and Burnt Honey Ice Cream on Chocolate Soil.

Looking for more dessert cafes to try out outside of Bangsar south? Here are 5 more must-visit cafes for dessert in ss2!

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