Bawadi Hadramawt Delivery in KL

Bawadi Hadramawt Delivery in KL

Are you craving for some Arabic food? Look no further than Bawadi Hadramawt! This restaurant serves one of the most authentic Yemeni dishes in Kuala Lumpur (KL). A piece of good news for those who love Yemeni cuisines: Bawadi Hadramawt delivery is now available in KL!

Founded in 2007, Bawadi Hadramawt was first to introduce Yemeni cuisines, such as Salta, Zurbian, and Haneeth to Malaysians. Known for the quality and delicious dishes, Bawadi Hadramawt experienced continuous growth in its business and fanbase. To date, there are multiple branches of Bawadi Hadramawt in Malaysia, including Johor, Langkawi, Petaling Jaya, KLIA2, and KL. 

Dishes to Order for Bawadi Hadramawt Delivery in KL:

Bawadi Hadramawt offers a wide array of Yemeni and other Arabic dishes, ranging from Yemeni rice dishes to seafood and barbecue (BBQ) dishes, soups, and desserts. To save you from the hassle of flipping through Bawadi Hadramawt’s menu, we have selected some of the signature dishes of this restaurant.  

  • Yemeni Rice Dishes

Pick one of the rice dishes for the most authentic Yemeni cuisines. We highly recommend the Mendy dishes that have either lamb or chicken, cooked with seasoned rice in a traditional charcoal oven. Another recommended dish is the Lamb Zurbian, which consists of lamb and rice cooked in a generous amount of Zurbian Spices. 

Other equally delicious rice options include the Lamb Kabsa, Lamb or Chicken Haneeth (baked vegetables), and Lamb/Chicken Tajen (marinated lamb/chicken). 

  • Side Dishes

Besides ordering the Yemeni rice dishes, you can also opt for the tasty side dishes and add on a bowl of white rice. One of the signature side dishes is the Akda Chicken/Lamb. This dish consists of stir-fried shredded chicken, minced onions and garlic, as well as tomato and potato pieces. All of which are cooked with a generous amount of Akda spices, and served with Moulawah bread. 

Also served with Moulawah bread, Saksa is another signature side dish that has minced lamb, egg, rice and vegetables served in a sizzling hot claypot. Fahsa is also a claypot delicacy that has braised shredded lamb topped with Halba and served with Moulawah bread. 

  • Seafood and BBQ Dishes

The seafood dishes in Bawadi Hadramawt are predominantly fishes and prawns. Some of the recommended dishes are the Grilled Fish/Prawns and Fish/Prawn Sanouna (tomato-based fish/prawn broth). Rest assured that the seafood is fresh and best paired with the restaurant’s signature garlic sauce. 

One of the signature dishes of Middle Eastern cuisines is none other than the Kebab. Be sure to try the Halabi Kebab that has perfectly grilled lamb Kebabs soaked in a sweet tomato-based sauce. To indulge in a variety of BBQ delicacies, order the Mixed Grill. The dish contains Lamb Kebab, Shish Tawook, Lamb Awsal, and Lamb Chop. All of which are perfectly grilled and served with bread, french fries, and the signature garlic sauce. 

  • Soups and Desserts

Bawadi Hadramawt offers various hot soup options that go well with a bowl of steamed rice. Be sure to get your hands on the lentil, chicken, mushroom, and seafood soup! This restaurant also has fruit-based desserts that cater to customers of all ages. Bread lovers must order Ma’soub. The dessert has shredded bread mixed evenly with cream and banana slices, topped with honey drizzles. Not to forget the Strawberry and Mango Melba, which have the fruit pieces mixed with vanilla ice cream and peaches or raspberry sauces. 

Now you’ve seen the most recommended dishes in Bawadi Hadramawt. What are you waiting for? Place your orders in the foodpanda app now, and have the most authentic Yemeni dishes delivered right to your doorstep! 

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