7 Best Breakfast Places for Early Risers in Butterworth

7 Best Breakfast Places for Early Risers in Butterworth

Early bird gets the worm! Check out these 7 Best Breakfast Places for Early Risers in Butterworth for a satisfying breakfast.

1. Meng Chai Kopitiam Ah Hoe Beef Noodles Since 1950

This humble store’s long name is synonymous to the crowd that that come here for the star meal- the Sup Daging Lembu! Packing a punch of flavour, you’ll love every slurp of the clear broth sold here.

Each serving comes with a generous handful of mee or mee hun, sliced beef, tendons and tripe that will leave you full. Get your hands on the Cheesy Toast. They toast freshly baked bread that’s layered with cheese before sprinkling a little sugar on top of the toast.

A lovely breakfast, we think!

Address: 15, Lorong Bagan Luar 3, Bagan Luar, 12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 8.00 AM – 3.00 PM (Closed on Tuesday)

2. Restoran Sweet Paradise

This traditional Dim Sum shop has been serving both the local population and tourists by the bus for decades now. A must visit if you’re on the hunt for good dim sum, we recommend Sweet Paradise. We’ll tell you now that the menu item alters daily.

But if you’re able to, try to get your hands on the minced meat and vegetable on dried seaweed, the har kao and the siu mai. They’re partial to prawn here, so most dim sum dishes contain some element of prawn in them!

Pair your meal with an aromatic Chinese tea and egg tarts that are made perfect and custard-y.

Address: 2, Jalan Bagan Baru 1, Kampung Jawa, 12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 6.00 PM – 1.00 PM

3. Garden Feel Café

This café plates up a variety of Western and local cuisine for you to choose from . Get some of the familiar favourites like The Big Breakfast- a great option if you’re hungry! Scarf down scrambled eggs, fried sausages, baked beans, baked tomatoes and toasted bread.

Alternately, give a go at the Golden Omelette for an egg capsule holding together ham, capsicum, onions and a whole lot more crunchy veggies! For a local meal get the Siew Pao and Egg Tarts.

Address: 4601, Jalan Ong Yi How, Kampung Simpah, 13400 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 8.00 AM – 2.00 PM (Closed on Tuesday)

4. Saravana’s Restaurant

Get a warm mug of masala tea while you’re at Saravana’s and sip on a well-spiced cup of good quality tea. Order the Podi Dosa- a popular South Indian breakfast while you’re at it for a hefty and healthy meal.

Podi consists of a mixture of ground dry spices that typically contains dried chilis, urad dal, chickpeas, salt and sesame seeds. We think this dish pairs well with the chunky tomato chutney sold here daily. Enjoy!

Address: 4988, Jalan Kampung Benggali, Kampung Benggali, 12200 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 7.00 AM – 10.00 PM

5. Coffee Venture

Are you the type who needs a cup of coffee before you can even begin to think about your day? Well, Coffee Venture is a great place to visit while you’re in Butterworth. Get a creamy cup of Hazelnut Latte to go with your plate of French Toast-3 slices of Brioche bread soaked in eggs and grilled to crispy perfection.

You’ll get a generous serving of banana and strawberry slices to complete the meal too. Other than the wide variety of pastries, we suggest you try the many cakes here. Don’t miss out on the Sea Salt Caramel Mocha Hazelnut Crepe.

Each layer is a delight!

Address: Jalan Raja, MY Pulau Pinang Butterworth Kampung Paya Pusat Perniagaan Raja Uda
Hours: 8.00 AM – 11.00 PM

6. Crazy Dog Breakfast & Brunch

Pop by this store for a quick breakfast that will leave you full for the entire day. We recommend you get the Double Cheese Hotdog Sub, a crowd favourite sandwich that crams a whole lot of fresh and crunchy veggies, cheese and of course the star of the meal-the hot dogs!

Get an Egg Salad and Avocados as a side with a tall cold glass of Golden Tyrant Lemon. A refreshing way to start your day.

Address: 22,Lorong Teras Jaya 9 Kawasan Perindustrian Teras Jaya, Ong Yi How, 13400 Butterworth, Penang
Hours: 7.30 AM – 2.00 PM (Closed on Monday)

7. Husnawan Coffee

To get a true taste of Penang breakfast, come check this humble store out. Known to dish out some of the best Pasemburs, you’ll have to get a plate of this sweet and spicy delight. Much like rojak, the pasembur is packed with fresh vegetables, tofu, and seafood (the element that sets these dishes apart).

Get a glass of strong black tea for only 30 cents! The cheapest drink you’ll get in this part of town.

Address: 19/20 Kompleks Bagan Ajam, Taman Tun Dr Awang, 13000 Butterworth, Penang
Hours: 7.00 AM – 1.00 PM

Well, there you have it. Kick start your day by visiting this breakfast places in Butterworth now! If you liked this list of the 7 Best Breakfast Places for Early Risers in Butterworth, be sure to check out our breakfast recommendations in Cheras, Ipoh and KL!

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