Top 8 Breakfast Places in Setapak 2020

Top 8 Breakfast Places in Setapak 2020

Good morning! Is that your stomach rumbling? Check out these Top 8 Breakfast Places in Setapak 2020!

1. Setapak Teochew Restaurant

Serving up the best homemade Teochew style fried noodles for more than a hundred years, this restaurant is a must-visit breakfast spot. Get a serving of their signature white Bi Hun served with a generous portion of dried shrimp, fish cake and minced meat.

You can’t miss out on their Hokkien Mee! The thick noodles are the perfect vehicle to slurp up the thick dark sauce that’s packed with crispy pork and crunchy vegetables.

Address: 283, Jalan Pahang, Titiwangsa, 53000 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 7.45 AM – 4.00 PM (Closed on Sunday)

2. Mama Kim Sauna Mee

Mama Kim dishes out the healthiest and tastiest dishes you’ll ever try. Living up to their store’s motto to only use five colours- red, green, yellow, black and white in their food preparation you can rest assured that they will never add any preservatives or MSG to your meal!

It’s a great food spot to start your day. We recommend the Baby Sauna Mee. Packed with enoki, shitake and oyster mushrooms- you’ll get a meaty tasting broth sans the actual meat!

Address: G-Floor, Lot 442, Wisma Hrih Lotus, Jalan Pahang, Setapak
Hours: 8.00 AM – 10.00 PM

3. Kelate Kitchen

If you’re native to Kelantan, you’ll be familiar with the practice of having Nasi Kerabu in the morning!

While it may sound a little heavy to some, we recommend you get your hands on the most authentic Kelantan food emblem here. The blue rice here is made from cooking the rice with butterfly pea flowers- a pretty sight to behold.

Pair your meal with a side of toasted coconut shreds, ulams and a dollop of spicy belacan. Don’t miss out on their juicy fried chicken here too!

Address: Plaza Prima Setapak, B-G-7 & B-G-8, Jalan Prima Setapak 1, Taman Setapak
Hours: 10.00AM – 10.00 PM

4. Restoran Sup & Popia Zaiton Hussin

This humble stall is located by a crowded alley distinctly known for their tasty soups. We think to start your day with a calming bowl of broth that’s packed with protein to be a great step! Get a steaming serving of Sup Kambing (Mutton Soup)- the star of this stall.

Your first sniff at the soup will give you a hint at the amount of herbs used, which you’ll learn that they use a lot! Of course, you can’t leave without trying the jicama heavy Popiah (spring roll)- a nice added crunch to your meal!

Address: 9, Jalan Puah Jaya 1, Taman Setapak Indah Jaya, 53000 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 8.30 AM – 9.00 PM (Closed on Sunday)

5. Restoran Anandur

Stop by this restaurant for a fluffy roti canai and a mandatory serving of the Tarik. This simple order, although a cliché hits all the marks for a great breakfast.

If you’re looking for something healthier, give the thosai here a go. The light and thin crepe-like serving of thosai at Annadur is perfect for dipping in the spicy curries here.

We recommend you get the fish curry- the best match for your breakfast. Don’t leave without grabbing a vadai or two!

Address: 49, Jalan 1/23f, Taman Teratai Mewah, 53000 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: Open 24 hours

6. Thai Food Home Recipe

This humble stall operates within the porch of the owner’s home. The food is so good here- you have to expect a sizeable crowd especially in the morning. Start your day with a freshly made Thai Fried Rice packed with citrusy flavours that will definitely wake you up.

A little on the spicier side, we recommend you tell the staff if you’d like a non-spicy version. Spruce up your morning with a Thai Mango Salad too while you’re here!

Address: 15 Jalan Chong Hwa, 3 1/2 Miles Gombak Road, Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 9.00 AM – 3.30 PM

7. Restoran Bobo

This stall starts their service at the crack of dawn. So, it’s the perfect place to visit when you’ve got an early day ahead of you.

While you’ll be tempted with the variety of dishes for the Economy Rice, we suggest you try the Wan Tan Noodles for a light meal in the morning. Restoran Bobo is known for their generous pork servings aside a bed of bright green bak choi. Yum!

Address: 22, Jalan 3/50c, Taman Setapak Indah Jaya
Hours: 6.00 AM – 9.00 PM

8. Mali’s Corner

We’ve saved the last for best. You can’t make a breakfast list without including at least one Nasi Lemak place, and we highly recommend Mali’s. Try their stall speciality- Nasi Lemak Ayam for a hefty treat in the AM!

Or you could give their saucy Char Kuey Teow a go. They’re known for generous portions so be sure to be hungry when you step into Mali’s!

Address: Platinum Walk, 2, Jalan Langkawi, Setapak,
Hours: 10.00 AM – 5.00 AM

Be sure to check out these Top 8 Breakfast Places in Setapak 2020. We’ve listed out the perfect spots to start your day! If you’re a breakfast junkie like us, check our brekkie recommendations in CherasIpoh and KL!

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