Buttermilk Kitchen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Buttermilk Kitchen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

The founder of Buttermilk Kitchen – Wilson, has worked as a banker for 10 years until he mustered up the courage to open up his F&B business. Thus, with his business continue growing among the public, delivery services for Buttermilk Kitchen is now available around Kuala Lumpur!

All the dishes here are hand crafted by the Wilson’s mother. So, you can definitely expect a hearty serving of delicious creamy butter chicken with a mother’s tender and loving touch. She takes time to go through every single detail of the recipe to ensure what they serve on the plates in top quality.

What makes Buttermilk Kitchen stand out from the others? Other than their signature delicious buttermilk chicken, they offer patrons three rice options namely, white rice, nasi lemak rice and fried rice.

If you don’t want to miss out on their delicious dishes, be sure to head there early!

Signature Dishes

  • Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken Chop

Do we really need to introduce this dish that has been the talk of the town? But just in case you don’t know, this dish is a must try whenever you visit them.

With only a price difference of RM1, you can pick either chicken pieces or chicken chop to go with your rice. Their chicken is coated with a generous amount of salted egg yolk. This goes perfectly well with the buttermilk sauce. Just the thought of this dish has already make us salivating non-stop!

  • BMK Fried Rice Buttermilk

A classic Chinese style fried rice topped with an egg, this dish is served together with their buttermilk chicken pieces. Even though the fried rice may look simple, the taste of it definitely is not!

Also, the chicken pieces are marinated to perfection and will only be fried upon order. So expect being served with fresh hot fried chicken pieces and dip them into the savoury buttermilk sauce!

  • Curry Buttermilk Nasi Lemak with Chicken Pieces

Ever heard of curry butter milk? If you haven’t, then you should definitely visit them to have a try of this unique dish. Unlike anything that you have tasted, the Curry Buttermilk Nasi Lemak is served with thick and creamy curry that is beyond delicious.

Furthermore, the sweetness and savoury taste of the sauce combine perfectly well with the curry! Don’t miss out on this dish for a different experience.

  • Cha Cha Thai Milk Tea

Inspired by hawker stalls in Thailand that sell Thai Milk Tea with milk tea pudding; Wilson has decided to include this unique beverage in the menu as well. This drink comes with its very own homemade flavoured pudding that goes very well with the drink.

If you would like to add on some boba pearls, they have it here too!

Buttermilk Kitchen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Now that you’ve known the signature dishes in Buttermilk Kitchen, be sure to give any of these dishes a try. Be assured that you would not be even a tad bit disappointed! If you would like to have their dishes at the comfort of your own home, your wish can now be fulfilled with foodpanda delivery.

Just a few clicks and your favoured dish will be delivered right to your doorstep. Dine with foodpanda today! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to foodpanda Magazine so you won’t miss out on our daily updates!

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