Canton-i Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Canton-i Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Many of us must have heard about Dragon-i that serves authentic Chinese cuisines. Do you know that the restaurant has another family branch named Canton-i? As suggested by its name, Canton-i has widely recognised speciality in Hong Kong cuisines. To serve the best quality Hong Kong dishes, they not only follow their recipes strictly, but they also import the freshest ingredients from Hong Kong. Hence, the authenticity of their Hong Kong dishes needs not to be questioned. To save you from the hassle of queuing to dine in the restaurant, foodpanda now offers Canton-i delivery in KL!

Dishes to Order for Canton-i Delivery in KL:

• Appetisers

Canton-i offers some mouth-watering dishes to stimulate your appetite before your main course. We highly recommend the Fried Radish Cake in XO Sauce, which is one of the must-haves during dimsum breakfast. The crispy outer layers and chewy insides of the radishes pair so well with the savoury XO sauce and crunchy bean sprouts. 

If you’re craving for seafood, don’t miss out on the Crispy Fried Fish Skin with Salt and Pepper. This spicy and salty delight makes one of the best snacks during your drama marathons.  

• Hong Kong Congee

Canton-i is particularly proud of their Hong Kong-style Congee (porridge). Consisting of three different rice grains, which are Australian long-grain rice, Japanese pearl rice, and Thai fragrant rice, these porridges make nutritious meals with smooth textures.

Side your porridges with some proteins! Canton-i serves porridges with various toppings, including chicken, shredded pork, pork intestines, fish, scallops, and prawns. Not forgetting the Hong Kong breakfast traditions, each bowl of congee is served with a pair of perfectly fried char kwai.

• Wok-Fried Delicacies

Canton-i’s wok-fried dishes are yet another highlight and must-have. Have your wok-fried meal served in porcelain bowls or clay pots, where you can witness steam rising from the bubbling sauce of your dish. Rest assured that your dish remains warm, if not hot, throughout your meal! 

Children will enjoy the Sweet and Sour Pork Fillets that consist of deeply fried pork pieces soaked in a tomato-based sauce. A healthier option is the Sautéed Chicken with Ginger Slice, where a nutritious soup is brewed with bite-size chicken pieces and ginger. For those who enjoy strong flavours, we highly recommend the Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables. The thick, soy-based sauce of this dish matches perfectly with rice, which promises you a fulfilling meal.  

• Desserts

It is difficult to find affordable desserts that don’t only taste good but also look attractive. A piece of good news for desserts lovers, you can discover insta-worthy and delicious desserts in Canton-i! 

Be sure to try Canton-i’s signature Steamed Mr Piggy with Red Bean Paste! The round, fluffy buns come in adorable piggy ears, eyes, and noses. Not to mention the thick and sweet red bean paste that oozes on your first bite! 

We also urge you to try the Steamed Egg-Yolk Custard Buns. They are round buns in a pretty pastel purple, decorated by white spiral patterns on top. The moment you tear the buns apart, the beautiful purple is immediately complemented by the runny, yellow custard fillings. Here’s a tip: don’t bite into the bun, as the egg-yolk paste will overflow and run along the sides of your lips. Instead, tear the bun apart on your plate and watch the custard ooze!

We’re sure you’ll enjoy all of our recommendations here. Now with Canton-i Delivery in KL, you can enjoy all these dishes in the comfort of your home! Looking for more Chinese cuisines? Check out the best Chinese Dai Chow in KL!

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