Cheesy Goodness

Cheesy Goodness

Cheesy food has become a trend for quite a while. From pizzas with a cheesy crust to moist cheesecakes, cheesy food is a meal that many can enjoy and a sight that many can only envy.

Cheese lovers like to add extra cheese in their foods. That shows how much they love the cheesy meal. The craziness on cheese is often overloaded, where people can add cheese into almost everything. Appropriate intake of cheese can keep your heart healthy as it is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin A.

Origin of Cheese

The origin of cheese is undetermined, but it surely started to become popular around decades ago. The existence of cheese began through an accident during the transporting of milk (goats, cow, and buffalo).

Milk was stored in the container; the warm summer heat naturally curdled the milk and turned into the first forms of cheese. The curdled milk is poured into a bowl and seasoned with salt, a delicacy often enjoyed by the Romans.

Cheesemaking is known as an art form. The word cheese itself comes from the Latin word caseus, which means fermented or become sour. When cheesemaking spread to Europe during the Middle Age, less salt was needed to preserve the cheese, which resulted in a creamy and mild variety of cheese, such as parmesan and cheddar.

The very first cheese factory was built in Switzerland. It produced a softer and safer cheese to consume. With the influence of America’s food industry, they started to invent processed cheese that combines milk, emulsifier, flavouring, and colouring. This type of cheese is affordable and melts easily.

Overflowing cheese

The cheese industry has been gaining popularity for decades. Today, cheese is still everyone’s favourite. You can see people add cheese in a variety of dishes. Among the most popular foods that come with cheese are fried chicken wrapped with cheese, pasta with cheese, cheeseburger, and mac and cheese.

It is a must topping that people choose over anything else. Extra cheese is commonly requested these days, and people are willing to pay more for that extra stickiness.

Types of cheese

  • Mozzarella

The famous cheese among all kinds of cheese. It is a southern Italian dairy product traditionally made from buffalo milk. It tastes slightly lactic and acidic but not too salty. You can enjoy the cheese with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper. You can use mozzarella as any dish’s topping, but most importantly, pizza would not taste like pizza without mozzarella.

  • Parmesan

Mostly are grated before topped with pasta or any foods in small amounts. It is because of it a little bit bitter and strong nutty taste. Other than meals, you can also top grated parmesan on a muffin to have a bit salty taste.

  • Cheddar

The yellow with a dry and crumbly texture, and nutty flavoured cheese. Sliced cheddar is commonly used in burgers and sandwiches. The speciality of cheddar is that you can make a delicious cheese sauce with it. Cheddar is the main ingredient in making mac and cheese.

  • Gouda

Gouda is originated from the Netherlands. Gouda mostly comes from cow’s milk and it is semi-hard in texture. When gouda is aged, the flavour and colour will change and turn to sweet taste. Young gouda can be melted, but the ages of gouda are better in grated.

  • Swiss cheese

The pale yellow coloured-cheese with medium-hard texture. Swiss cheese is American number one cheese since it has a mild, sweet and nut-like flavour.

Where to Find Cheesy Meals In Malaysia 

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