Best 6 Cheras Coffee Spots for Hanging Out

Best 6 Cheras Coffee Spots for Hanging Out

Need a new place to hang out while enjoying your cup of coffee? Here are the best 6 Cheras coffee spots for hanging out, in case you’re bored with your everyday coffee spot, and you’re looking for a change.

1. Ebony & Ivory Coffee

If you’ve never been here before, you might second guess this place at first sight. It’s not as big as your average coffee shop, but you know what they say, big things sometimes come in small packages.

Despite being a small coffee shop, every cup of coffee here is brewed with care and attention, so you know you’re getting quality coffee with every order.

Location: 4A, Block P/E, Taman Cheras

          Hours: 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM (Closed on Mondays)

2. Simplicity Sandwich & Coffee

Décor might not be Simplicity Sandwich & Coffee’s strong suit, but with everything they have to offer in-store, you wouldn’t even be worried about how nice the interior looks or not.

We love the fact that their coffee is so rich that you’d probably be feeling full after one good cup of coffee, but we also love the fact that they have all sorts of sandwiches to choose from. You even get to choose the type of bread to go with your sandwich order.

Location: Impian 4, 2-00-55, D’Alamanda Condominium, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Taman Pudu Ulu, Cheras

          Hours: 7.00 AM – 4.00 PM (Closed on Sundays)

3. Bookmark Coffee

If you love cute things you will definitely love Bookmark Café. This place is one of the few unique coffee places in Malaysia that does drawings in their coffee foam – and they’re not just any drawings, their foams look like cute comic books at times.

The only problem is you might not want to drink your coffee due to its cuteness but otherwise this is a must try.

Location: A-1-1, Centre Point Medan Connaught, No, 1, Jalan 3/144a, Cheras

          Hours: 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM

4. Trust Issue

The name might say Trust Issue but trust us you will not have any issue believing that this is a really good hangout spot if you’re craving coffee and carbs.

Not only do they have a wide variety of coffee menu but they also have a wide variety of food menu such as soft shell crab pasta, cheesy burrito and cheesy fries. Foodies will agree that this place is the café to be when in Cheras.

Location: 102, Jalan Dwitasik, Dataran Dwitasik, Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras

          Hours: 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM

5. Icon Brewings

Avid fan of coffee will love Icon Brewings because here, they pay a lot of attention to details in how they prepare your cup of coffee. An absolute must-try is their hand brewed coffee but be aware that it might be too strong for those of you who are sensitive to caffeine.

If you like something less strong, ask for a regular coffee and maybe pair that up with all the food selection they have in store.

Location: 24, Jalan Manis 3, Taman Bukit Segar, 56100 Cheras

          Hours: 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM

6. I One

This is probably one of the cosiest places to have coffee when you’re looking for a peace of mind. Their coffee options are pretty good and they’re also known for their rum cake, which we highly recommend that you try.At I One, even something as simple as long black can be so good so you will definitely enjoy hanging out here.

Location: 23, Jalan Jintan, Taman Supreme, 56100 Cheras

          Hours: 11.00 AM – 10.00 PM (Closed on Tuesdays)

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Evans Hu is a foody at heart. He is always on the look out to explore best places to dine in Klang Valley. When he’s free, he often goes on a “culinary trip” out of Klang Valley with his friends and family.

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