Top 7 Popular Chicken Rice Places in Klang Valley

Top 7 Popular Chicken Rice Places in Klang Valley

Other than the famous Hainanese chicken rice, there are so many other chicken rice dishes that are equally delicious. Many agree that the two are the perfect combo for a fulfilling meal. Knowing the wonders chicken rice can do, we are excited to show you the top 7 chicken rice places in Klang Valley. Fellow foodies, it’s time for a chicken rice hunt!

Top 7 Chicken Rice in Klang Valley 

1. Ban Huat Heng Chicken Rice

While Happy Mansion is known for the cafes and coffee shops in the area, there are also restaurants that offer affordable local cuisines. This restaurant serves mouth-watering chicken dishes that attract both locals and tourists. Be prepared to see long queues throughout the day! 

Different from many other chicken rice sellers, they serve their chickens not only with homemade chilli sauce, but also with mashed ginger condiment. Don’t forget to order their widely celebrated side dishes, such as stir-fried bean sprouts, steamed tofu and fish ball soup.  

Address: CG-5, Jalan 17/13, Happy Mansion, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

2. Loke Yun Ampang

This restaurant has their chickens served completely deboned, and allows customers to choose either white chicken or kampung chicken. They are known for the extra spice in their homemade chilli sauce that goes so well with their chickens. The air-conditioned environment makes this restaurant an ideal place to dine in, especially during hot weather. 

Here’s a tip: spice up your house parties or portluck sessions with their kampung chickens! For more information on pre-order procedures, visit their official facebook page.  

Address: 158, Jalan Besar Ampang, Pekan Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

3. Nasi Ayam Chee Meng

Being certified as Halal, this restaurant is known by chicken rice lovers of all races. We can’t recommend a better place to hang out with our fellow Muslim friends!

For their set meals, they serve juicy and tender chickens that are either roasted or steamed. Their chickens go so well with the homemade chilli sauce and seasoned rice. Don’t be surprised to find yourself ordering take-outs after your first bite!

Chickens aside, do try out many other authentic Chinese cuisines that are all Halal-certified. Some must-try dishes include butter prawns, Hokkien noodles, Hainanese fried rice, and steamed beancurd. 

Address: 50, Bukit Bintang Street, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

4. Garlic Roasted Chicken Rice

Blanketed by a generous amount of fried garlic, their chickens possess the extra kick of flavours as compared to the ordinary steamed chicken. This restaurant is not only known for their delicious garlic roasted chicken, but also the reasonable price of their dishes. Being scrumptious and affordable, their chicken rice has won the hearts of many students from Sunway University. 

Don’t forget to have their chicken with their homemade chili sauce and fragrant oiled rice. This perfect lunch costs as low as RM5!

Address: Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

5. Satellite Chicken Rice

Crowned as the best chicken rice in Petaling Jaya, this restaurant serves smooth poached chicken soaked in light soy sauce and sprinkled with chopped scallions and coriander. Not a fan of poached chicken? Opt for their roasted chicken that is equally tender and juicy! 

Besides chickens, they also serve braised meats, eggs, and beancurd. One of their signature sides include the spicy and sour mustard greens, submerged in thick sauce with dried chillies and tamarind. 

Address: 103, Jalan Gasing, Seksyen 10, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

6. Nam Heong Chicken Rice

Founded in 1938, this restaurant commenced their chicken rice business in a traditional shophouse along Jalan Sultan. Having served good quality chickens soaked in tasty soy-based broth, their dish attracted a rising number of locals and tourists. As a result of the continuous growth of business, they now have outlets in shopping malls, such as IOI Mall and Desa Sri Hartamas.  

Besides serving delicious Hainanese chicken rice, this restaurant is also known for their stewed yams with pork belly slices and double boiled soups. The two dishes are rarely found in many other chicken rice stalls, and are worth giving a try. 

Address: 56, Jalan Sultan, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

7. Restoran Wong Mei Kee

Besides their irresistible chicken rice, this restaurant is best known for their barbecue pork (char siew) and grilled pork belly (siew yok). They insist on roasting the freshest pork bellies by using quality seasoning spices and charcoal pieces. To ensure the crispiness of the siew yok, they even go as far as roasting the pork bellies for at least 4 times. As a result, the roasting process for each batch of pork bellies rolls up to a minimum 2 hours. 

Expect long queues even before the restaurant is opened, and don’t be surprised to see all their roasted pork bellies sold out in under 2 hours!

Address: 30, Jalan Nyonya, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

There you have the top 7 chicken rice restaurants in Klang Valley. Wondering where else to have delicious chicken rice? Check out the best chicken rice restaurants in KL! Meanwhile, download the foodpanda app and have your cravings delivered right to your doorstep! 

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