Throwback to 10 Nostalgic Childhood Snacks in Malaysia

Throwback to 10 Nostalgic Childhood Snacks in Malaysia

This list of childhood snacks from Malaysia will definitely bring back sweeter memories from a simpler time. Being Malaysian, we grew up with many food-related childhood memories especially when remembering the uncles and aunties who used to sell biscuits, cookies and sweets in a white lorry or motorbikes with loads of junk food by the roadside after school.

Remembering how we used to run in herds towards them would definitely make us smile in reminiscence now. We are here with a heavy dose of nostalgia reminding you of the snacks from your childhood. Be prepared to hunt them down again.

1. Ais Potong

We all remember the classic red bean ice cream in a cuboid shape. The old-school dessert comes in various flavours that include durian, corn, cendol, nangka and chocolate. It can never beat other expensive ice creams for sure. The red bean Potong ice cream has the beans that you can crunch on as you take each bite and it takes you back to memory lane.

2. Apollo Biscuits

The light wafer biscuit that has a generous amount of chocolate melting inside will always be in your goodies bag when it comes to birthday parties. Also, we have enjoyed eating the biscuit to fill our stomach while we are on our way back home from school. It will always be the best wafer!

3. White Rabbit

Who can ever forget the famous White Rabbit sweets? I remember fighting for them with my siblings! It is a chewy, milky confectionery that you will never want to get enough of. The sweetness is compact, and you can eat it with the thin wrapping surrounding it as well. How cool is that!

4. Ice Gems

Oh, going back to memory lane with the little hardened icing sugar on the tiny biscuit which tickles your taste buds. It comes in various attractive colours and no wonder we love having them when we were younger. You will be amazed at how these cute little biscuits can get you addicted to them when you start munching on one.

5. Yupi Burger

We all have different ways of eating this gummy! You can get more types of these Yupi gummies like the pizza, ice cream and more. Unlike the real burgers, we eat this gummies layer by layer, mostly. Every part of the burger has a different taste, and it excites your taste buds!

6. Sugus

Remember chewing on Sugus during classes or anytime you spend time with friends and family? I do! And it always ends up sticking on our teeth, and the struggle of removing it is real. Even then, we still love them!

7. Jelly cups

The colourful and flavourful jelly cups made us happy before. It does now too. The yummy taste and sweet syrup that we slurp up right when we uncap the cup was undoubtedly the one thing we were so careful about so we don’t spill on ourselves.

8. Haw Flakes

As nostalgic as it could be, the sharp taste brings us back to our childhood days. These Chinese sweets made from the hawthorn fruit is not only our old-time favourites but even for our parents and grandparents.

9. Ice lolly

Ice lolly is more known as Ais Krim Malaysia among the locals. With a variety of flavours, we have tried almost every flavour existed for the ice cream. From sirap to Milo and even milk tea flavours, we’ve tried it all.

10. Nano Nano

The sweet, sour and salty candy gets you awaken just when you feel sleepy in class. You will be amazed by the change in the taste of one candy. And you’ll keep wanting more! So unique and attractive, we suggest you hunt it down now. You’re lucky if you can find one.

Gosh, the list of nostalgic childhood snacks from Malaysia can go on. They effortlessly bring you back to memory lane, and you can literally remember the things you did during your childhood days. They are yummy, and you should go out for some snacks hunt now that you are reminded about them. If you liked this list and you like durians, another Malaysian delight check out, Top 6 Durian Desserts In Malaysia.

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