Chinese Food Delivery Malaysia

Chinese Food Delivery Malaysia

Looking for Chinese food delivery in Malaysia? Whether you’re in need of a comforting meal or planning a family gathering, foodpanda’s food delivery service can help save you the fuss and deliver your food right to you.

History of Chinese food

Chinese food here in Malaysia is an adaptation of the various dishes from Fujian, Cantonese, Hakka, and Teochew. The influences started when the immigrants from China immigrated and settled down in Malaysia.

The Chinese ancestors brought along their traditional recipes from China. The recipes were developed and catered to the ingredients available here in Malaysia. Nowadays, there is a lot of Chinese food that is originated from China, which has been fused with Malay traditional dishes.

The essential ingredients in Chinese food are rice, soy sauce, noodles, tofu and tea. Most of the Chinese dishes are either eaten with rice or noodles.

For example, the Hainanese chicken, which is originally from Hainan Island, is now heavily influenced by Malay cooking. The Hainanese chicken we know now is flavoured with pandan leaves and served with chilli sauce.

Though there are some moderations, Malaysians which are consist of Indian, Malay, Chinese and other indigenous races are all in love with the same Hainanese chicken. When it comes to chicken rice, nothing can beat the Hainanese chicken rice. The aromatic tender chicken sauce dipping is just wow.

Chinese food is famous for its staple meat; pork. Pork is widely used due to its tender and fatty meat. For the non-pork eater, pork can be replaced by the chicken meat so everyone can enjoy the flavour.      

In preparing Chinese food, most of the dishes are cooked in a pot as most of the dishes are broth-based dishes.

Types of Chinese food

  • Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is one of the best pork rib soup. Pork is cooked with garlic, herbs, spices and dark soy sauce. This is the tonic dish for everyone for an energy booster.

Bak kut teh can be ordered from Kee Hiong Bak Kut Teh.

  • Cantonese Fried Noodle

Deep-fried noodles which are cooked with lean meat, seafood and vegetables. The noodles are deep-fried with thick egg and cornstarch to get the crispiness and to make the broth thickens. This Cantonese noodle is undoubtedly the best out there.

Cantonese Fried noodle can be ordered from Canton-I

  • Char kway teow

Stir-fried noodles mixed with bean sprouts, chives and prawns and eggs on the side. The special char sauce is what made the char kway teow a char kway teow, a must-have dish you need to have when you are craving for Chinese food.

Char kway teow can be ordered from Mr. Char Koay Teow

  • Pan Mee

Pan mee is considered to be among the best noodle dishes in Chinese culinary. The cooked noodles are served with minced pork, poached egg, fried anchovies and fried chilli flakes. This perfect noodle is best paired with vegetable soup on the side.

Pan mee can be ordered from Chili Pan Mee.

  • Wonton Mee

Egg noodles cooked with wonton dumplings choy sum and char siu. The served dumplings in the wonton mee are the boiled pork meat or deep-fried prawns. Perfected with dark soy sauce, nothing can beat the taste of wonton mee.

Wonton mee can be ordered from Wonton & Pho.

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