Guide to Kuala Lumpur – Damansara

Guide to Kuala Lumpur – Damansara

A township located in the heart of Klang Valley, Damansara is a trendy area that’s buzzing with life. Named the “golden triangle” of Petaling Jaya, Damansara is a commercial area both locals and expatriates are popular with. Approximately 15 minutes from the city (without traffic, of course), Damansara holds a mix of shopping malls, food eateries, and activity hubs in its belly. Modern, trendy, and busy, Damansara’s a great place to explore to witness quintessentially cosmopolitan lifestyle.

10am – Breakfast at Kaffa

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Start out your day with a good cuppa at Kaffa Espresso Bar. A rustic style brunch cafe, Kaffa serves up western brunch food, artisan coffee and a selection of cakes. Great for a meal or just a drink to catch up over, Kaffa has found itself a favorite hangout of locals in the area.

12pm – 1-Utama

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1-Utama is the largest mall in Malaysia and the 6th largest mall in the world. With over 5,000,000 square feet, this mall comprises of the old and new wings, and houses an impressive 700+ stores including a good mix of both high-end and low-end stores which suits just about every need. You’ll be spoiled for choice as you indulge your inner shopaholic with the options available. 1-Utama also has an array of different cuisines you can sample including Japanese, Korean, Thai, Continental and Chinese, so make sure you grab a bite there before you head on.

4pm – Sky Simulator

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Ever thought of flying a plane? If you’ve never thought about it before, you will be now! Sky Simulator is Malaysia’s first flight simulation that’s open to public. Highly realistic, they’ve come up with a close replica of the real 737NG plane’s cockpit, as well as some super high definition sounds and visuals to really give you a realistic experience. If you’re looking for something unique to try and have an experience of a like time, you’ll definitely want to think about giving this one a go!

7pm – Oasis Damansara

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Feeling hungry yet? While Oasis Damansara is a commercial hub, it is well known as a place to indulge in some yummy food. Take your pick from an array of cuisines, including but not limited to Japanese, Thai, Indian, Western and Chinese. If you have a hankering for some fresh, delicious crab, check out Crazy Crab. They prepare them in ways which are familiar favorites to Malaysians: butter milk, kam heong (with dried shrimps and chilies), steamed or salt baked. Be ready to get your hands dirty!

10pm – Blue Elephant

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This speakeasy concept bar is hidden away from the public eye (shh!). HIdden along a row of shops with no signages or banners, you’d have to know about it to know where it is. Walk up the stairs and take in the lit movie posters, and find yourself in a white, artsy corridor. You’ll quickly see that this bar is Hollywood themed, and has a giant Oscar’s award in the middle. Their in-house cocktails are really unique with names like Ginberry Juniper and Asiantini, and they taste just as delicious. Definitely a good place to head to wind down.

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