Guide to Kuala Lumpur – Petaling Jaya

Guide to Kuala Lumpur – Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya, or “PJ” as known to locals, is in very close proximity to Kuala Lumpur, and has become a metropolitan satellite township in itself. Hosting more than 500,000 inhabitants, PJ is a melting pot of commercial, residential and business districts. Petaling Jaya is known as a place of old and new, with parts of it being some of the oldest places in KL while still maintaining being one of the trendiest places in town. Petaling Jaya is definitely a great place to explore and witness quintessentially urban lifestyle.

10am- Breakfast at Soon Lee Chinese Hawker Shop
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Make your way down to the old quarters of PJ, also known as PJ Old Town, and step into Soon Lee, a hawker store on the corner selling Chinese food. Don’t let the looks of this place fool you: while the inside may not look so pretty, just ask around and people will tell you that they sell the best Kuey Teow soup noodles around! If that doesn’t really tickle your fancy, they have other delicious choices too including chicken rice, lobak and wantan noodles. Take your pick and eat to your heart’s content!

12pm – Jump Street
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Make your way to Malaysia’s first trampoline park to get your heart pumping! Suitable for both kids and adults alike, this urban playground has jumping gear from the floors to the ceiling, and is a guaranteed good time as well as a good exercise. If you’re worried about not being able to get a spot for the hour that you want, you could always pre-book it online to save yourself the hassle when you’re there.

2pm – Lunch at Lotus
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Head in for a late, hearty lunch at Lotus restaurant. A family business that has been passed down from generation to generation, Lotus is a well-known restaurant selling quintessential South Indian cuisine. Famous for their banana leaf rice and the dishes it comes with, Lotus has an array of spiced meats and vegetables that’s great to satisfy even the biggest of cravings. Make sure you try out their Bru coffee served with fresh cow’s milk too: sweet, aromatic and very yummy, great for a midday pick-me-up!

4pm – Amcorp Mall
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Every weekend, Amcorp Mall holds its weekly flea market where vendors come and sell practically anything under the sun. Be spoiled for choice with accessories, clothing, antiques, books and so much more! You’ll be amazed at what you could find, and would probably pay a bargain for it too. If you’re a hardcore bookworm like me, you’ll enjoy yourself at Book Xcess. Located on the highest floor, this bookstore is huge and carries books from just about any genre. The best part? These books can sell for as little as 10% of the retail price in other bookstores!

5pm – Bukit Gasing
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Get ready to stretch your legs! Amidst the hustle and bustle sits Bukit Gasing, a hill located at the border of PJ that is a rather popular spot to do some jungle hiking. Beautiful lush greenery surrounds you as you follow up properly marked paths, making this a safe and beginner friendly trail. Make your way up to the infamous watch tower, and if you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s a stream there as well where you can soak your feet to cool off. Pet-friendly, this is a great place for you to have some quality time with friends and family alike.

8pm- Dinner at Ticklish Ribs and ‘Wiches
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After a long day, indulge yourself in a delicious dinner at Ticklish. Famous for the barbeque ribs, they dish up a selection of pork dishes, and pride themselves in using 30 spices to achieve their signature taste. After your food, stay a little longer and chill out while live performers serenade their way through the night, playing gigs and and serving up a good time. Ah, what a way to end the night in an urban hub like Petaling Jaya!

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