Dish of the Day: Biryani

Dish of the Day: Biryani

This classic dish, Biryani is a popular rice dish where the main flavours come from spices and herbs. There are many distinct styles of biryani where different types of meat are used in the making of the dish. The flavour is further refined with a complex blend of spices and herbs.

Generally, the word ‘biryani’ comes from the Persian term which is “birian” means fried before cooking. According to India’s history, Mumtaz Mahal, a Queen of Shah Jahan, thought that soldiers should be served a dish with high nutrients after she visited an army barrack. A dish that had plenty of meat, rice and vegetables can restore energy to the soldiers.

Today, the recipe grew and changed to reveal cultural values after it has been adopted across the Southeast region’s country. With a variety of ways to combine the components, variations of biryani has existed contributing to many new recipes of biryani.

What is Biryani?  

Biryani is a combination of long-grained rice (basmati) layered with lamb, chicken, fish, or vegetables. Preparing a complete biryani dish will take time and practice, and it has become an important dish for special occasions.  

Additionally, biryani is traditionally cooked over a low flame. Components are combined before the dish is covered with a lid of dough to secure the dish while cooking. Usually, biryani is a mixture of spiced meat and rice.

What is in a Biryani? 

Commonly, any type of biryani dish consisted of rice, meat, marinades, and spices. Jeerakasala or Seeraga Samba would be another option to make biryani rice instead of the typical basmati rice. The various ways of preparing the biryani dish depend on the type of protein contained in the dish pot.

Normally, rice will be mixed with chicken, goat, mutton, and beef for the inland, while the coastal regions prefer fish and shrimp. By using the yoghurt, it helps to tenderise the meat and gives a complex blend of spices.

Additionally, the main ingredients in the biryani such as cumin, ginger, and turmeric aid the digestion process in the body. The presence of the digestive enzyme in cumin will release bile from the liver and it will enhance the breakdown of fat as well.

Where can Biryani Dishes be found?

If you are interested to try biryani dish recipes, you can find it at My Biryani House restaurant where they provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups. You could purchase a biryani dish during lunchtime from Sree Biryani.com where they also provide delivery without charge.

Besides, if you are looking for a unique way of preparing a biryani dish, Bamboo Biryani Taste and See will be the recommended restaurant. They use a bamboo stick to cook the biryani dish which is a traditional cooking method. A bamboo stick is commonly used to cook dishes over a low flame such as lemang.

The aromatic spices combined with the meat infuses into every grain of rice and ensures a of various spices combined with meat are going to infuse in every grain of rice. Thus, preparing a biryani dish is time-consuming because of the complex cooking process. Coconut milk can also be added to introduce some water content to the dish.

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