Dish of the Day: Braised With Coconut Milk

Dish of the Day: Braised With Coconut Milk

Coconuts are known to have many healing benefits. The fruit, the meat and also the oil is used in various aspect of the Vietnamese culinary. The coconut fruit plays a vital role as an ingredient in a variety of Vietnamese delicacies. The Vietnamese use coconuts into their main dishes and their desserts as well.

Coconut milk can help to boost our immune system, which is perfect for those who hate taking health supplements. Just add some of the coconut milk from your fridge into your cooking, and you get the vitamins that your body need.

Growing up in Malaysia, coconut is widely used in every aspect of our lives, from cooking, medicine, cutlery and even beauty products. We can always find stalls that sell refreshing coconut juice by the roadside, where we can just pull over and call out ‘Abang, air Kelapa satu’.

Coconut milk is often used in many Malaysian cookings such as rendang, curry and desserts. However, not many of us are aware of the cooking method – braising.

What does it mean to braise?

Braising comes from the French word braiser. This cooking method uses both wet and dry heats. Firstly, the food is sautéed at a high temperature and then stewed slowly in a closed container. In other words, braising meat is also referred to as pot roasting.

In Vietnamese cuisine, Kho is a cooking technique that means to braise, to stew or to simmer. This cooking technique uses your preferred type of protein choice and is braised on low heat. The protein is braised in a mixture of fish sauce, sugar water or even a substitute of water like young coconut juice.

The result of this cooking method produces a dish that is salty and savoury at the same time. This type of meal is eaten with steamed rice, a side of greens, French bread or even noodles.

Types of Dishes Braised with Coconut Milk

In Vietnamese cuisine, there is a variety of meat that can be used for this type of cooking method. The few are braised pork with coconut milk, braised duck with coconut milk, braised chicken with coconut milk and braised and caramelised fish in coconut milk. These dishes are delicious and savoured amongst the locals. 

If you are a coconut milk lover like most of us, you can go for various methods of coconut milk dishes. Most people will use this combination-cooking method in chicken curry but I have yet to see anyone try this in fish curry. Perhaps you may want to look into that and try it out yourself because who knows? You might discover something great!

As for those who want something quick and easy, you may consider this method by using the oven. It is a common way to braise your dishes in the oven as well. All you have to do is sweat your chicken or beef and put them in a baking dish, cover them up with a thin foil and braise them in the oven. Simple yet delicious!

These dishes are also a speciality during the Tết Holiday or also known as the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It is known to be comfort food among the locals during the festival seasons or even during cold rainy days.

Where to Find Braised Dishes with Coconut Milk in Malaysia?

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