Dish of the Day: Bubur Ayam MCD

Dish of the Day: Bubur Ayam MCD

The aroma of the Bubur Ayam McD wafts through the air with the strong aromatic smell that can one-hook everyone that smells it. The Bubur Ayam MCD is usually served as the main course of the meal.

The term ‘bubur ayam’ can be translated to chicken congee and McD refers to McDonald’s. The ingredients used to make the Bubur Ayam McD include rice, shredded chicken meat, ginger slices, black pepper and shallots.

The Bubur Ayam is generally served hot, which makes it the perfect meal to consume when you are feeling under the weather. The dish can be considered as a light meal that is best taken during breakfast or as a late-night supper.

The popularity of the Bubur Ayam has risen and has since spread all across Southeast Asia. The dish is the go-to meal for breakfast, and it can be found in warungs (small-scale restaurants), restaurants, street vendors and even fast food establishments, i.e. McDonald’s.

The dish is not in the slightest bit spicy and those that enjoy the burning sensation of spiciness can add some sambal or chilli paste to spice up the dish.

What is Bubur Ayam MCD?

The Bubur Ayam McD is made out of white rice, shredded chicken meat, ginger slices, black pepper and shallots. The main ingredient of the dish is white rice that is boiled until it has a porridge-like consistency. Various kinds of condiments can be added into the bowl to enhance the flavours, such as fried scallions, celery, fried soybean, soy sauce and many more.

Make your Own Homemade Bubur Ayam MCD

Make this easy homemade bubur ayam McD with this simple recipe. First, boil the chicken breasts in a pot. Remove the chicken once it has been cooked and within the same pot, pour all of the rice to allow it to boil. Add some of the sliced ginger into the pot to let it cook together with the rice.

Let sit the chicken in the room temperature, tear the chicken into smaller shredded pieces using a fork. Once the boiled rice in the pot looks soft, add some sliced carrots and shredded chicken. Season the dish with some black pepper and salt to enhance the flavours of the meal.

Feel free to add various other condiments based on your heart’s desire. Add some slices of onions and allow it to cook. Once the dish has been prepared, serve the bubur ayam in a bowl and lastly add some green onions. The plate is best served hot, paired with a cold tea to quench your thirst.

History of Bubur Ayam McD

The existence of Bubur Ayam can be traced back to Indonesia. The dish was said to have been inspired by Chinese cuisine, which can be seen as it is influenced by cakwe (Chinese cruller), tongcai (Tianjin preserved vegetables) and also soy sauce.

The usage of poultry products is vital in the bubur ayam dish as there are many ways that the poultry can be used. As a side dish to the bubur ayam, they will serve chicken offal, accompanied with either chicken liver, boiled chicken eggs and many more. 

Nutritional Value of Bubur Ayam McD

The amount of calories found in the Bubur Ayam McD is 193 calories. The dish has high levels of carbohydrate and protein contents. The carbohydrates found in the recipe are mainly from white rice. The protein content found in the bowl is mostly from the shredded chicken.

Where to find Bubur Ayam MCD in Malaysia

Tempted to indulge in the Bubur Ayam McD? Head on out to McDonald’s (Anywhere in Klang Valley) for a delicious and tasty meal. Find more of Fast Food cuisine on foodpanda!

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