Dish of the Day: Chicken McNuggets

Dish of the Day: Chicken McNuggets

Chicken McNuggets are no doubt one of McDonald’s best-selling items on the menu. You can order them in a box of six, nine or even twenty. This staple finger-food really is one of the best things in life!

Chicken McNuggets are processed meats in small sizes and different shapes, which are deep-fried in batter and high-temperature oil. The four shapes of Chicken McNuggets are The Bow-Tie, The Bell, The Ball and The Boot.The meat chunks are then shaped, coated in their own batter recipe, and deep-fried in oil. All these are done in the factory and then shipped out to be sold at every McDonald’s restaurants globally.

The main reason this high-profit company comes up with the idea of creating 4 different shapes for Chicken McNuggets is to ensure its consistency in their cooking time in terms of food safety.

The History of Chicken McNuggets

First founded by Keystone Foods founder, Mr Herb Lotman during the late 1970s, McDonald’s before that did not have any nuggets on their food menu until the fast-food chain’s first Executive Chef, Mr Rene Arend came up with its recipe in 1979.

When the first batch of McNggets was produced, it was so well received throughout McDonald’s that every restaurant wanted them.

The Nutrition Values 

Though it is known to many that Chicken McNuggets are sourced from mass-market production farms, McDonald’s has made many great claims regarding its nugget’s nutrition fact.

It is said that their chickens are not treated with any antibiotics that cause harm to the human body. It is also said that their Chicken McNuggets do not contain any artificial preservatives.

Compared to the olden days’ of Chicken McNuggets, the newer and ‘upgraded’ version bring more health benefits. 4 pieces of nuggets are a mere 183 calories, of which its 11.2g are mostly saturated fats.

This figure is comparably lower in calories for 4 pieces of fast food item! In Malaysia, you may order the nuggets as an ala carte or set meal, which comes with soft drinks and a side of french fries. Additionally, you may add a few more food items to your set with just a few dollars surcharge.

The Undeniable Success 

Since its trial launch in 1981, and later became officially available worldwide in 1983, Chicken McNuggets have become an immediate fast-food snack hit. To this day, it had made a name for itself in every McDonald’s fast-food chain, stretching from Asia to America.

Perfectly shaped into bite-sized pieces, and dipped in McDonald’s specially curated sauce, Chicken McNuggets are a perfect a snack to be eaten at any hour at any day. Kids can even order these golden delights in the Happy Meal set. It will indeed be a happy meal.

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