Dish of the Day: Chorrillana

Dish of the Day: Chorrillana

Dish of the Day: Chorrillana 

A tasty snack that is meant for sharing when watching television or even during a football match. Ever had this meal of fries topped with sliced beef, scrambled or fried eggs and fried onions? This Chilean meal is sure to melt in your mouth with every bite you take. But watch out and don’t rush as you might burn your tongue on this hot and tasty dish. Chorrillana is a favourite Chilean dish of French fries loaded with beef, caramelised onions, and fried eggs. It’s a perfectly comforting dish to share with friends.

What is Chorrillana?

Chorrillana is a Chilean meal made up of a tray of French fries topped with various kinds of fried meat slices, sausages and other components. The toppings that are most common are fried or scrambled eggs and fried onions. It is a meal that is typically shared due to its large portion. Depending on the restaurant and the chef, there are several variations to chorrillana recipes. The only permanent foundation to the dish is the beef and fries. Traditional chorrillana combines scrambled eggs, fried onions, and beef slices. Chopped frankfurter sausages, chorizo, vegetables, fruits and seasonings like garlic or oregano may be used as well. Chorrillana in Peru, was derived from the sweet sauce from Chorrillos, as coastal resort town in Lima. This sauce is comparable to the poutine of Canadian dishes.

History of Chorrillana

Though it has grown to be very popular in the U.S, but the origins of this dish is still highly debated. The name is an adjective of Chorrillos, a reasonably common name in Latin America, and especially Peru and Chile, after the Battle of Chorrillos that took place during the Pacific War. It is also possible the name originated from the word “chorreado” (oozed, spurted), referring to the sauce on top of the French fries. Chorrillana is considered as a traditional cuisine in the Chilean city of Valparaíso. Because of its large serving size, it is usually served as a dish to share, and it is a common meal among university students in the city.

How to make Chorrillana

It’s quick and easy, but requires the perfect balance of timing to get all the ingredients finished at the same time so that everything is beautiful and hot on the plate! Firstly, wash and peel potatoes and slice the potatoes to make French fries. Slice beef into short fajita-style slices (1 to 2 inches long) and chop the onions. Next, deep-fry the sliced potatoes until they are golden-crown and crispy. Salt and season the fries as necessary. Then, begin to sauté the onions. Scramble and fry egg and cook the beef last. Be sure to time these steps, so that they all finish at about the same time, or place finished ingredients in a oven to keep warm. Place the prepared components in separate bowls then start assembling your chorrillana with the French fries, then the onions, eggs, and with the beef on top. Enjoy!

Where to find Chorrillana in Malaysia

Chorrillana is a rare find here in Malaysia, perhaps this is because of the rarity of Chilean food. However, if you want a taste of sliced beef with egg, you can also have Kimchi as a topping at Killer Gourmet Burger (Bangsar). Take time to dig into the restaurant’s kimchi fries at a reasonable price of only RM16.90, which consists of French fries that are blanketed with kimchi, sour cream and a large fried egg. On the other hand, if you just want a simple version of the beef dish, Johny Rockets are definitely our pick! You can taste the wonderful cheesy fries with their home-style tasty beef recipe. Grab yours now! 

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