Dish of the Day: Coconut Jelly (Rau câu dừa)

Dish of the Day: Coconut Jelly (Rau câu dừa)

Coconut jelly rau cau dua is a Vietnamese dessert that is basically a jelly that has the rich taste of coconut and is best eaten during hot, sunny days. The cooling feeling when eating the coconut jelly will let you experience winter during summer. It is also good to be eaten if you are feeling slightly heaty or unwell. 

What is Coconut Jelly Rau Cau Dua

Rau cau dua is basically Vietnamese jello that is made of agar-agar. It is best eaten during holidays, especially in summer. It is also eaten in every hot afternoon to make your afternoon cooler than usual. The speciality of this dish is the agar is the rich health benefits it has from a single coconut, and the agar itself is made from seaweed making this dish as one of the healthiest desserts that serve enough nutrients and a good taste.

History of Coconut Jelly Rau Cau Dua

Coconut is one of the most beneficial fruits for its flexibility usage can be used in different industries. Coconut has been used widely for culinary purposes since the ancient days. The coconut fill, its water and even its shell has multi-purpose extending from the food industry to cosmetics industry. Vietnam is called the Coconut Kingdom as for it has one of the largest crops of coconut in the world.

The Vietnamese has recognised this crucial fruit since the ancient days and been using this fruit widely in daily lives purposes. The inner part of the coconut can produce coconut milk extract and has a jelly form with coconut taste. This part of coconut is called as macapuno and first developed in Philippine in 1960.

Macapuno si developed and used in Pilippine cuisine for desserts, drinks and pastries. One of the famous Viatnamese coconut dessert is coconut jelly which is loved by locals and the tourist that come for sight-seeing. This dish is also easy to prepare with simple ingredients with only agar, cold water, sugar and coconut juice.

The preparation of the coconut jelly is also very quick as you only need to boil the mixture of everything until it thickens. This quick and tasty dessert is famous in Southern-Asia country as for the tropical weather keep making people drooling over the famous coconut jelly. The refreshing taste can wake you up from your bad dream.

Health Benefits of Coconut Jelly Rau Cau Dua

Coconut basically offers tons of health benefits aside from the delicate taste of coconut. Coconut jelly rau cau dua is good for your health as it is a good source of potassium that can help you balance off the sodium level in our body. This dish can help us to improve blood pressure, and help is relaxing our mind and body.

Aside from that, it is a good dish for your digestive system as it contains Vitamin B6, iron and minerals. Rich in taste and nutrients, coconut jelly is the important dessert that we need to taste at least once in our life. The cool and refreshing taste will make your life better off living with only this coconut jelly as the complimentary dessert for the rest of your life.

Where to Find Coconut Jelly Rau Cau Dua in Malaysia

Coconut jelly rau cau dua can be found at the nearest Vietnam restaurant Mazry Vietnamese Cuisine. This restaurant serves the best coconut jelly rau cau dua for you and your beloved ones. You do not want to miss this famous and delicious dessert. Get yours now from the nearest Ăn Viet. Find out more about Vietnamese Food on foodpanda!

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