Dish of the Day: Crispy Wrap

Dish of the Day: Crispy Wrap

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Simple and yet sublime. Crispy wrap is often enjoyed as snacks and even as a main dish for meal times. This hearty and healthy dish is a dish that is versatile and convenient. Easily packed and eaten when you’re rushing, this dish is compact and full of surprises. 

What is Crispy Wrap

Crispy wrap is basically stuffed full with a variety meats and greens and is typically wrapped in flatbread. Similar to a burrito, but this wrap contains more vegetables. Rich with greens, this delicious and healthy wrap looks yummy to eat right away. The best part about the paratha wrap is that it’s customisable according to your preferences. There’s no wrong way to make a 

History of Crispy Wrap

Wrapped food recipes were found during the 12th century in Sanskrit writings. The text unveiled the secret recipe of making a flatbread during that era. In 1000 AD, wrapped food was served only to nobles and the aristocrats, making it more expensive and rare during that period.

The paratha is famous for its fillings that can be anything that the diner can think of! Back in the day, the fillings were mostly made of mixed vegetables such as cauliflower, green beans, carrots and potatoes.

Wrap has been improvised and perfected to have different flavours and fillings. Nowadays, we can have wraps with variety of stuffings like tuna, meat, chicken, lamb, tomato and topped with different sauces and spices making it well-loved by people all around the world.

By 1900s, wraps are a common dish for Mexicans, Turks, Indians, Middle Easterners and Armenians. On the other side of the world, wrap was first famous in California in the 1980s. A fast food chain named “I love Juicy” invented the crispy paratha. In another city called Connecticut, a waitress called Beth Dolan claimed to invent the first wrap in the area in the same year.

Types of Crispy Wrap

There are several types of crispy paratha to date. Famous wraps include chicken and cheese, pizza beef, BBQ chicken, black pepper beef and double cheese onion wrap. 

Each of those wraps are perfectly paired with the crispy and savoury paratha wrap. Adding greens are a great way of making it a balanced meal and to add more nutritional value. 

Where to Find Crispy Wrap in Malaysia

Crispy wrap can be found at the nearest Hot and Roll. Hot and Roll serves a multitude of wraps that are both sweet and savoury. 

You also can order this tasty and delicious crispy wrap in the nearest Wrap ‘N Roll restaurant. Both of these restaurants provide the delicious wraps. Get yours now to experience heaven on earth. 

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