Dish of the Day: Croquettes

Dish of the Day: Croquettes

Fried food such as fried chicken, nuggets, hot dogs, french fries and crips have always been my comfort food. Croquettes are a common and well-known fried snack in the European continent.

It can be in any shape, depending on how it is made. Croquettes are mostly found in cylindrical shapes. Appearance-wise, Croquettes look like the American version of Tater Tots, which are square-shaped fried potatoes. In this case, Croquettes are not made of potatoes.

It is often found in any European restaurants, where it is usually served as a starter or side dish. They are generally not the main course due to its small portion and serving size. Croquettes make a delicious snack though.

The Origins Of Croquettes

Initially, Croquettes originated in France and the founder of the famous and classic French cuisine, Monsieur Escoffier together with his partner, Monsieur Philias Gilbert, created this amazing dish and recorded the recipe in the year of 1898.

Gradually, as the years went by, many chefs under the supervision of Monsieur Escoffier travelled the world, bringing along the recipe of Croquettes with them.

From there, history made its way through the food journey. Since it was brought to many places and have encountered numerous cultures, the original recipe has since found itself in different directions and variations.

This is why Croquettes nowadays can be seen in different forms, depending on the culture of that particular region. The typical and original Croquettes ingredient was beef, now the ingredients range from salmon to chicken and vegetarian. Of course, there are many more versions of Croquettes that we have yet to discover.

Different Versions Of Croquettes

As mentioned above, there are plenty of types of Croquettes around the world. Each continent and country has its own version of Croquettes. Some of them may have different flavours and ingredients, as well as the shape of the Croquettes too.

The most traditional type of Croquettes are oblong-shaped, and consists of beef. This is the typical French version of Croquettes, where it was initially created in.

Nowadays, chefs are very creative when it comes to altering food. To maintain its originality, chefs around the world tweak the recipe slightly to blend the food into the local culture. Let’s have a look at some.

Mexican or American culture has been widely known across the globe. Their Croquettes too, have make its way since history. Their version of Croquettes are usually crispy chicken and vegetable, marinated or garnished with curry powder or cumin, some may just go with simple salt and pepper.

In Brazil or Portugal, their Croquettes are of a different name, which is ‘Bolinhos’, also known as little cakes. Often, it is made of cod, which transform these snacks into salt cod Croquettes.

For vegetarian lovers, there is an option of vegetarian-style Croquettes as well. This includes leek and mushroom croquettes, sesame sweet potato croquettes, pesto croquettes, spinach croquettes, which are the healthier version.

Where To Find Croquettes?

Croquettes is so common and loved by all walks of lives, it can be found basically anywhere! Otherwise, you may make it yourself at home too. The recipes of Croquettes are everywhere on the Internet, or you can create your version by adding your preferred ingredients. Get creative and start cooking away!

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