Dish of the Day: Duck Confit Ramen

Dish of the Day: Duck Confit Ramen

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Ramen is one of the best comfort food during cold weather – no matter if it is winter season or rainy days. The hot and savoury broth satisfies the tummy and soul. Even better, the Duck Confit Ramen has a mixed of French flavours with the Japanese ramen noodles.

While there are numerous ramen flavours, Duck Confit Ramen has always been the popular ramen choice among the locals. Cooked in a flavourful tonkatsu pork broth, the mixture of the ramen broth and the duck meat compliments each other perfectly.

The History Of Ramen

Ramen is the Japanese version of wheat noodles. The term ‘ramen’ actually translates into pulled ramen. This noodle was introduced by a Chinese scholar who was in Japan in 1660. This scholar, by the name of Zhu Shunsui, was an advisor to Tokugawa Mitsukuni after he escaped from the Manchu rule in China.

Therefore, Mitsukuni was the first person who tried ramen in Japan. Throughout the generations, ramen has become popular among the community and has become iconic and staple food besides rice.

According to a food expert, the first official specialised ramen shop opened in Yokohama in1910. Furthermore, since ramen is a typical dish in Japan, there is also a ramen museum in Japan as well.

The Introduction Of Duck Confit Ramen

Duck Confit Ramen is a mixture of Western and Japanese dishes. With the ramen noodles being a norm in the cuisine, duck confit is actually a popular dish in Western countries.

This dish is cooked in Tonkatsu pork broth. This broth is generally a mixture of dashi, dried seaweed and pork bones. It is prepared for at least three to six hours, sometimes even more, so that the flavours from all the bones and seaweed can be forced out into the broth.

Mirin, sesame oil, soy sauce, cooking sake and sesame seeds are usually added into Duck Confit Ramen’s broth for extra flavour in the dish. Sometimes, chilli oil may be added as well for people who love a slight hint of spiciness in their ramen dish.

Duck confit is used to replace pork bellies and pork slices in this ramen, hence the name Duck Confit Ramen. In fact, the typical ramen noodle dish is served with pork. Here, the duck is roasted beforehand to give out more flavours in the soup. Most of the time, Duck Confit Ramen consists of duck breasts or legs, as these parts are meatier and easier to consume.

Other than these, other ingredients are added into this dish as well. Typically, a bowl of Duck Confit Ramen consists of half-boiled egg, mushrooms, bok choy, black fungus slices, scallions and Nori seaweed.

Where To Find Duck Confit Ramen?

Since ramen can be cooked at home, you may search for the recipe online and make this dish on your own. Even though the ramen broth may be time-consuming, the end results will be worth it.

If you want to have a quick one, there are a lot of quick and easy ramen broths recipes that do not require hours of boiling for the broth.

Other than that, you may find Duck Confit Ramen in your local Japanese restaurants. Check out these places that might have what you are looking for:

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