Dish of the Day: Fresh Grouper Fillet Fish Noodle Soup (Bun Ca)

Dish of the Day: Fresh Grouper Fillet Fish Noodle Soup (Bun Ca)

The fresh grouper fillet fish noodle soup, also known as Bun Ca, is a lightly-flavoured meal that will not only satisfy your hunger, but it is also a meal that will contribute to healthy eating. 

What is Bun Ca?

When you order a bowl of Fresh Grouper Fillet Fish Noodle Soup, or better known to Vietnamese people as Bun Ca, you’re getting the Vietnamese vermicelli noodle in a broth made up of fish scraps (typically Grouper fish head), tomatoes, and a big fillet of the Grouper fish that is deep-fried along with green onion and fresh dill.

The dill is the secret ingredient that completes the unique aroma of this irresistible dish.

The Story Behind Bun Ca

This seafood bowl of goodness is a dish that originated from Hanoi. The name Bun Ca literally translates to fish (Ca) noodle (Bun). While it is mostly done with the Grouper Fish, different parts of Vietnam would use different protein to complete the dish. The village of Phu Do, for example, uses Snakehead fish as they believe that the fish is firmer and doesn’t have as much of the fishy taste. In different areas of Hanoi, it is also common to see pork meat and other fishes like the Barramundi being used instead of the Grouper.

According to food expert, the broth is the star of the dish and the tomato is the crucial ingredient that gives the dish its unique flavour. In some cases, local chefs would even add pineapple to the broth to provide an extra sour kick.

The other star ingredient, the Dill is a herb that is commonly used with fish in Vietnamese cuisine, and it is more common to see Dill being used in Hanoi and the north of Vietnam. If you’re looking for the dish in Hanoi, expect to pay around 35,000 VND for a bowl.

Nutritional Content

Vietnamese cuisines quickly become a crowd favourite because of its healthy dishes. Grouper Fish is said to be low in Saturated Fat and is a good source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Phosphorus and Potassium, which are all essential nutrients that can help in cardiovascular function and healthy bones.

The tomato, on the other hand, is rich in Vitamin C and is also believed to aid with giving a healthier-looking skin. The Dill, the main herb used is said to provide folate that is important for cell division and foetus development, as well as riboflavin that aid in cell function and development.

Where to get in Malaysia

Can’t wait to try this Vietnamese seafood dish? Make your way to Saigon House Cuisine in Georgetown, Penang, where they sell their Bun, Ca for only RM16.50. Similarly, you can also try VN Banh Mi Café for a place that is closer to the KL area.

If you want to look for more Vietnamese food without having to leave the comfort of your own home, download the foodpanda app and make your order using the app instead. It’s easy and hassle-free.

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