Dish of the Day: Garlic Bread

Dish of the Day: Garlic Bread

One can never resist the sight, the smell and the taste of Garlic Bread and unlike any other bread, this one goes with almost everything. Some of us would have it as a starter before our big meal, some of us would dip it in a soup, and some of us would have it as snacks when we’re watching TV or before we run to the next meeting. Besides, we do not seem to mind about the garlic breath when we get to eat something as good as this, right?

What is Garlic Bread?

Garlic bread needs no introduction, but for those of you who have been missing out all this while, garlic bread is made of hard bread like sourdough or baguette. The bread is then spread with butter that is mixed with crushed or minced garlic and fresh micro herbs before being baked in an oven. It is typically served as a side dish or a starter, especially in Italian cuisine.

The History of Garlic Bread

Because we often eat Garlic Bread with Italian cuisines such as pasta and pizza, it’s no surprise that this ingenious invention originated from the same country. Traditionally, the bread is made using Bruschetta, which only began to exist in the 15th century in Italy. However, some food historians also believe that the recipe can be traced back to ancient Rome.

Garlic has been grown in Europe for thousands of years, and it has been a necessary ingredient in almost every European cuisine there is. In Italy, the locals would often dip the bruschetta into a garlic-infused olive oil. However, when Italian immigrants migrated to the US, they started serving bruschetta with a garlic-butter spread in their family-owned restaurants.

In the 1970s, the first frozen garlic bread was commercialised by the Cole’s Quality Food in Muskegon, Michigan and garlic bread eventually became a staple food in American households.

Today, Italian restaurants still keep to the tradition of serving garlic bread with most of their meal. However, some chefs have taken the recipe to a new level with innovations such as the cheesy garlic bread.

The nutritional content of the Garlic Bread

The three main ingredients of garlic bread are the bread, the olive oil or olive spread and garlic, which are beneficial to our body. Bread is an excellent source of fibre that aids digestion. Olive oil, on the other hand, is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties and can help prevent stroke.

The garlic helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar level. Consuming garlic can also reduce cholesterol level and reduce the risk of getting brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Where to get the best Garlic Bread in KL

Garlic Bread is a staple for every bakery. If you’re looking for something new, try the garlic bread at Mikey’s Original New York Pizza located in several locations. They serve cheesy garlic bread for those of you who love cheese on top of everything.

You can also head over to Me Famiglia located in Jalan Batai and try their Garlic Bread that is spread with their homemade garlic butter. Plus, they have an abundance of food choices to pair with your garlic bread, and nothing screams perfection like homemade garlic butter.

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