Dish of the Day: Intestine Porridge (Chao Long)

Dish of the Day: Intestine Porridge (Chao Long)

Chao long or pork intestine porridge is one of the best dishes in Vietnam. This dish is often enjoyed over breakfast or dinner. The taste of the warm tender intestine with flavourful porridge will let you experience warmth with every spoonful of this intestine porridge. 

What is Intestine Porridge (Chao Long)

Intestine porridge is actually a nourishing, heavy meal which will help provide you with enough energy to kick-start your morning. The intestines used is usually pork intestines that are boiled and eaten with porridge.

The porridge is usually served with delicious greens that will make you love this dish even more. Warm intestine porridge is best enjoyed during cold weather. The warm embrace of the porridge will make you crave for it again. Now, your cold season will never be the same, with this comforting congee.

History of Intestine Porridge (Chao Long)

The origin of porridge started long ago from 2500 BC and it started in the countries of Asia. Asians enjoy eating rice more than any other people in the world. Rice is the perfect complement for every meal during lunch, dinner and even breakfast. People started making rice soup and congee for different ways to enjoy rice.

Not to mention, it is cheap as you only need to have rice and salt to prepare congee. The invention of the porridge was actually one of the important developments in the farming industry. Back in the day, as nomads need to move from one place to place, it was not safe for the baby being carried around.

As the baby has weaker teeth to chew on fruits, roots and greens, the mother tends to breast-feed their children until they turn 5 or 6 years old and is old enough to chew on solid food. This situation is difficult for both the mother and the baby. The discovery of mushy foods started when rice and cereals were grown and mixed with water to make porridge.

The porridge is mushy which makes it suitable for the baby and high in nutrients making it good food not only for the baby but also for grown-ups. In 1838, porridge was said to be a dish meant for the poor because of its easy and cheap recipe.

However, for this very reason, porridge became famous to everyone of all classes as there were nobles and aristocrats who enjoyed eating warm porridge for breakfast and dinner, especially during the cold seasons. In present days, porridge is enjoyed with various meats and toppings. In Vietnam, intestine porridge, also known as chao long is a nourishing dish that is well-loved by the locals.

How to Make Intestine Porridge (Chao Long)

To make chao long, you first need to prepare the ingredients, which are rice, a bowl of boiled water, a cut of intestine pork, greens salt and pepper.

  • First of all, wash the cut intestines and boil it for a minute or two to tenderise the meat.
  • Cut the boiled intestine into smaller pieces.
  • Wash the rice and cook it with more water than it normally takes to cook rice.
  • Add the small cuts of intestine, greens, salt and pepper onto the boiled rice with water for a good 20 minutes.
  • Now the warm chao long is ready to be enjoyed with your loved ones.

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