Dish of the Day: Jidori Yaki

Dish of the Day: Jidori Yaki

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Chicken is a common ingredient in all cuisines. Even in home-cooked, we often use chicken as our main source of protein, other than fish. Chicken can be easily found everywhere and it is safe to say that there can never be a shortage of chicken.

Japanese loves chicken too and it is widely used in their cuisine. One famous dish that is loved by everyone is Jidori Yaki. Yaki, which means on a stick, is loved and favoured by most people as it consists of grilling and barbecue.

Jidori is an extraordinary mixed-breed of chicken reared in Japan. It is not easy to find in Malaysia, however, there are more than sixty types of Jidori chicken in Japan. Different ways of rearing Jidori create a different texture of the meat itself. Jidori Yaki’s meat is usually tender and juicier than normal chicken meat.

The Origins Of Jidori Yaki

Centuries ago, the first Jidori Yaki dish was founded and the first speciality shop was opened in Akita Hinai prefecture. Since Akita is the region in Japan with the town named Hinai, this first shop that boosts up Jidori Yaki’s fame was called Akita Hinai Ya. The interior of this shop contours and highlights the culture of Japan, for it is decorated with seasonal floral arrangements such as sakura.

Inside this classic Jidori Yaki shop, you may find an extensive menu of this special breed chicken. There is one highly recommended menu which cost more than JPY2,000, that is about RM80 per plate!

What Makes It So Special?

The meat of Jidori Yaki is soft and tender when you first bite into it. Jidori mixed-breed chickens are special because they are well-fed with all-vegetarian diet such as clover, tomatoes and apples.

To maintaining the freshness of the meat, Jidori chicken is always delivered the same day of slaughter. In some places of Hinai, Jidori Yaki is served in sashimi style, which is cured and raw.

The Rise Of Jidori Yaki

As Jidori chickens are reared without hormones, steroids or meat byproducts and never frozen, they are always a personal favourite among gourmet chefs. Wolfgang Puck was the first one to adopt these chickens, and from then on, history unfolds itself. Jidori chickens are widely used in the United States, from Los Angeles to major cities such as Seattle and Chicago.

Where To Find This Dish In Malaysia?

Jidory Yaki is impossible to cook from home as you will not find it in local grocery stores or even the markets. The only way to enjoy this dish is to either fly to Japan or go to any restaurants that provide this dish.

If you would like to know which restaurants to get this wonderful bowl of hot ramen, check out the Japanese restaurants around your area that might satisfy your cravings!

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