Dish of the Day: Kaeng Som

Dish of the Day: Kaeng Som

Sawadika!  Each country has its own signature dish which makes it special. The colourful country of Thailand has a wide range of food which attracts tourists from all over the world. In an attempt to recreate the memorable Thai dishes, chefs from Europe, America, and the Middle East come to Thailand to learn from Thai chefs that use authentic recipes and ingredients. With the countless heritage sites and delicious foods that are affordable, it is of no wonder that Thailand is one of the most famous holiday destination. 

Kaeng Som

Kaeng Som is a sour fish curry dish that tastes sour and spicy. It is a dish that is usually enjoyed at home with family members and is a comfort food for the locals. The dish contains fish and vegetables inside a bowl of curry soup. Kaeng Som can be eaten on its own or with plain white rice.

Aside from being a delicious and fulfilling dish, Kaeng Som also has some nutritional benefits that makes this dish healthy to be consumed due to its main ingredients being fish and vegetables.

Fish is known to contain proteins and vitamin D. Fish also contains omega-3 fatty acid that is able to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Some say that taste of Kaeng Som differs according to each region of Thailand. 

How to make Kaeng Som?

As mentioned before, the main ingredients of Kaeng Som are fish and vegetables. Other important ingredients include Kaeng Som paste, shrimp paste, tamarind juice, and fish sauce. Firstly, add Kaeng Som paste and shrimp paste in hot boiling water. You can also add some tamarind juice for some sour taste.

Don’t forget to season it with salt and sugar. After that, add the fish into the pot and allow it to cook for a few minutes. Next, add vegetables into the pot and let it simmer for a while. Normally, the vegetables that are used for Kaeng Som include carrot, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

Add in fish sauce while you are at it and keep stirring until the fish and vegetables are cooked. Kaeng Som is best served when it is still hot. Eat it together with rice and omelette for ultimate satisfaction.

Where Can I Get it in Malaysia?

Due to Malaysia’s proximity to Thailand, we can find restaurants that serve Thai food at almost region in the country. For those who live in Kelantan, you can visit Kaeng Som Thai Food Restaurant which is located in Kota Bharu.

In Johor Bahru, a place called Heng Thai Food serves you the best Thai cuisines for Johor residents. Maa Roy Thai Seafood Restaurant in Bayan Lepas, Penang also awaits you with their wide range of Thai dishes.

As for Kuala Lumpur residents, there are several places you can visit such as My Elephant, and Mook Thai Food Restaurant. You can also simply enjoy your favourite Thai food from foodpanda and have it delivered to your door!

Article Written By Mico Hu

Mico is a professional creative writer in Foodpanda. She writes about travel, fashion, and food. Also, she enjoy travelling to new places and also eating delicious food.

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