Dish of the Day: Kopi Halia

Dish of the Day: Kopi Halia

In Malay, halia means ginger while kopi means coffee. Kopi Halia is prepared by combining black coffee with ginger. The uniqueness of this coffee is that besides just the caffeine-filled beverage, the ginger incorporates more health benefits to the drink. The drink is recommended for most adults as there is high antioxidant activity on the body. 

Nowadays, this healthy drink has been branded under different names and is readily available to customers. Kopi Halia is also sold at stalls because it doesn’t need long preparation time and the recipe is pretty straightforward.

What is Kopi Halia?

Ginger is usually added in tea or coffee for medicinal drinks. In the early days, ginger was said to originate from Southeast Asia. Then, ginger was also cultivated in other countries such as China and India. About five thousand years ago, ginger grew popular for its root tonics and usage in the treatment of some diseases.  

Previously, ginger was expensive because of the therapeutic properties contained in the ginger. It was also added to food to enhance the flavours in them. With anti-inflammatory agents, ginger helps the digestive process in the body system.

By adding ginger in coffee, the drink contains high levels of nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus. 

Where to get Kopi Halia?

Generally, the ginger is minced into small pieces and soaked in hot coffee for 15 minutes. A longer soaking time leads to a stronger taste of ginger in the coffee. 

As it takes a short time to prepare a cup of Kopi Halia, it can be found at restaurants such as Alhamra PalaceRestoran Alef Maju, Restoran Ali Food Corner (Eve Suite) and many more. You also can make it at your home.

Although Kopi Halia is loaded with nutrients, you can get it at the best prices. Comparably, in most cases, soft drinks and ice blended are more expensive than Kopi Halia. Furthermore, Kopi Halia doesn’t require and additional sweeteners or sugar. 

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