Dish of the Day: Korean Spicy Sausage Stew

Dish of the Day: Korean Spicy Sausage Stew

Korean spicy sausage stew is a wonderful hearty stew that can provide comfort during cold weather. Loaded with kimchi, sausages, ham, spam, and many more makes it one of the most popular Korean stews. The sour and spicy kimchi broth goes well with the salty and fatty spam, sausages, and hams.

What is Korean Spicy Sausage Stew?

This dish is also known as budae-jjigae, or Korean army stew. It is a fusion of Korean and American stew consisting of kimchi, gochujang (Korean red chilli pepper paste), ham, sausages, spam, and baked beans.

This stew usually uses flavourful broths boiled out of anchovy stock or chicken stock. The soup is spiced up with kimchi and gochujang. The sour ripened kimchi is generally used in a generous amount to prevent the processed meats from overpowering the flavour of the broth. It is a meal by its own with the addition of ramen (instant noodles). It also usually served as an accompaniment to alcoholic drinks.


This dish was created after the Korean War in the 1950s. After the war, food is hard to come by. However, there are many leftovers of processed meats from the United States military bases.

Some of the processed meats included hams, hot dogs, and spam. There also many canned baked beans in the military base. Therefore, restaurants near the United States military bases started to make a stew with those ingredients.

This dish was born and became popular all over Korea. Korean refers to this dish as budae-jjigae due to its origin. Budae refers to military bases while jjigae means stew. Therefore, it is also famously known as the Korean army stew.

Now, as this dish has spread across the world, people start to experiment with the dish by adding various other ingredients. Example of such ingredients includes cheese, instant noodle, corned beef, and rice cake slices.

Tips to Enjoy

The various combination of processed meat in a broth might make one hesitates to try it. Especially some who might not like the taste of spam. However, the spicy and savoury stew goes well with the salty, soft American spam. You will definitely regret it if you don’t try it!

This dish is typically like a hot pot. The broth in the thick porcelain bowl gently bubbles over the portable burner. The ingredients are usually cut to bite-sized pieces and can be added while eating.

You will find that some Korean restaurants will provide extra broth while serving this dish. Thus, you can replenish the broth while eating, especially when cooking ramen in the stew as it requires a lot of liquid. This is when the extra broth by your side comes in handy.

Once the noodles cook, make sure to eat it immediately while it is still chewy. Otherwise, the noodles might become too soggy. Other ingredients that can be added are cheese slices, baked beans, rice cakes, and mushrooms. Korean spicy sausage stew can be served in individual bowls with rice for a fulfilling meal.

This dish is high in calories, and the sodium level can be quite high. The use of low sodium spam and sausages could reduce the amount of salt in the dish. Besides, it is also not advisable to drink the broth.

Where to find in Malaysia

Most of the Korean restaurants serve Korean spicy sausage stew. It is one of the popular Korean stew dishes alongside Kimchi Jigae and Sundubu Jigae. You can order Budae Jigae with noodle from BOMNAL Korean Cafe & Restaurant (Johor Bahru). Besides that, get the Spicy Sausage Stew from The Matjib (Kuala Lumpur).

You can also try making your own version of Korean spicy sausage stew by using our recipe here.

Or else, find more different Korean cuisines on foodpanda and have it delivered to your doorstep!

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