Dish of the Day: Kumpir

Dish of the Day: Kumpir

Kumpir (known as Turkish stuffed potatoes) is well-known and delicious dish that is usually prepared in a special kumpir oven where the baked potato can be reheated. This dish is a staple street food sold by street vendors in Turkey. Enjoyed by people of all ages, it is no wonder that this dish has spread to all corners of the globe.

What is Kumpir?

Kumpir is a Turkish version of a baked potato. The American version of this dish is known as baked potato that is filled with butter, sour cream, chives, and maybe even some bacon. On the other hand, the British usually refer to it as jacket potato with toppings such as butter, cheese, beans, and perhaps even tuna and sweetcorn.

Kumpir is a typical street food that is primarily marketed in Ortakoy, Istanbul. The title is said to have come from the Croatian term “krumpir” meaning potato. It is also said that the word kumpir originated from the old German term krumbeere, which is an old Palatine and Rhine-Hessian word for potato. 

History of Kumpir

Potato is one of the most nutritious foods consumed all over the globe as a primary source of carbohydrate. In Turkey, they have another manner of eating potatoes which is the bake it and incorporate some magical Turkish ingredients. Even though the dish itself wasn’t invented in Turkey, the locals have embraced the meal as their own and is now a part of their culture.

Kumpir was first introduced to Turkey by from the former country of Yugoslavia and have since adapted the dish according to their own rich culture. Although the dish still maintains the same name as Yugoslavia’s khumpir, the Turks have made the dish theirs with the many assorted fillings.

Different Versions of Kumpir

In North America, many restaurants offer baked potatoes with condiments and toppings such as butter, sour cream, chives, shredded cheese and bacon bits. These potatoes are also served as an accompaniment to a main course such as a steak dinner.

Whereas in the UK, baked potatoes are usually consumed with vegetable gravy. It is commonly known as a jacket potato. The food has been prevalent in the United Kingdom for many years. In the mid-1900s, vendors have marketed jacket potatoes on the roadside during autumn and winter months.

At the same time, the French referred to the dish as “pomme de Terre au quatre.” It may be eaten as an accompaniment to a meat dish or, in fast-food restaurants called a’ pataterie,’ where it may be eaten as a meal by itself. In its fundamental shape, the dish utilises a whole potato that is covered in foil and cooked in special ovens.

The potatoes are sliced directly down the centre, and the insides are filled mashed with unsalted butter and kaşar chicken. However, all kinds of toppings can be added to the potato such as mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, sweetcorn, sliced chicken, carrots, mushrooms and Russian salad. Cafés in Ortaköy, Istanbul, make kumpirs that are popular with locals and tourists.

Where to find Kumpir in Malaysia

Not many European restaurants in Malaysia serve kumpir. Yet luckily, Las Carretas (Damansara Heights) is an authentic European restaurant where you can enjoy delicious baked potato that only costs RM3.50. On the other hand, you are most welcome to order baked potato at Vineria.IT (Kuala Lumpur) as they serve mouth-watering and freshly-baked kumpirs.

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