Dish of the Day: Mee Bandung

Dish of the Day: Mee Bandung

Are you craving for a spicy noodle dish? Mee Bandung is a combination of yellow noodles with a thick and tasty soup. It is not only spicy, but there is also a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and salty.

It is served with a variety of condiments such as shrimps, vegetables, and occasionally beef with a splash of lime juice. This is a perfect meal during cold weather.

What is Mee Bandung?

Mee Bandung is a traditional Malay noodle dish that originated in Muar. The Malay word bandung is roughly translated as mixed or paired. It refers to the mixture of many ingredients in one bowl.

The thick and spicy gravy of Mee Bandung plays a vital role in this dish. The flavourful soup is usually made from beef broth mixed with chilli, onions, garlic, eggs, shrimp paste, and dried shrimp. At some places, fishcakes, meats, and vegetables are added to enhance the flavour of Mee Bandung.

The spicy gravy poured on top of yellow noodles and then garnished with dried shallot, red chillies, and blanched bean sprouts. A squeeze of lime at the side completes this flavourful dish.

History of Mee Bandung

Mee Bandung originated from Muar, Johor. Traditionally, Mee Bandung consists of noodles and eggs with spicy soup. The soup is made from a mixture of chilli, spices, onion, and shrimp paste. Then, it was improved with the addition of shrimps, meats, fishcakes, and vegetables.  

There are many versions of Mee Bandung depending on states and ingredient used. For example, there are Mee Bandung Daging (beef), Mee Bandung Ayam (chicken), Mee Bandung Sotong (squid) and Mee Bandung Udang (prawn).

Mee Bandung is categorised based on the types of meat used in the dish. The gravy also differs in consistency depending on states. Some people prefer a thick soup while others prefer light soup. It is commonly called as Mee Bandung Muar and has become a favourite food throughout Malaysia. Even though the various version of Mee Bandung is widely available across the country, the original Mee Bandung Muar is considered the best.

The Prominence of Mee Bandung

The tasty gravy coupled with beef broth is what makes Mee Bandung so irresistible. Mee Bandung Muar that is originally from Muar, Johor is known for its authenticity. The blend of spiciness and sweetness is the reason why it is a must-try whenever you are in Muar. The flavour of Mee Bandung Muar lays in the peanuts, dry shrimps, meat, and many other ingredients. Due to its popularity, you can easily find instant Mee Bandung paste in the market, especially if you do not have the time to prepare everything from scratch. There will be no peeling onions and preparing spices. Just pour the instant cooking paste in water, add the main ingredients, and it is ready to serve.

Where to find Mee Bandung in Malaysia

Mee Bandung is widely available in most Malay stalls and restaurant throughout Malaysia. In Muar, many famous restaurants serve the original Mee Bandung Muar. Try the Mee Bandung from Nasi Ayam & Mee Bandung Muar (Skudai).

If you live in the northern side of Peninsula Malaysia, get the Mee Bandung from Aneka Mee (Kulim Central). Find more of the Malay cuisine on foodpanda!

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