Dish of the Day: Mozza Burger

Dish of the Day: Mozza Burger

The savoury Mozza Burger is made with seasoned beef patty, placed between delicious sesame seed buns. Other toppings in the burger include gooey mozzarella cheese with perfectly roasted bacon, crispy lettuce, tomatoes and the special Mozza sauce.

The roasted bacon can be substituted with two beef patties and chicken strips instead, which is perfect for those adhering to halal or kosher standards. The Mozza Burger is sold at any A&W chain outlets found in Canada, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries.

The dish sold in Canada consists of roasted bacon and seasoned beef patty. However, the meal sold in Malaysia adheres to the halal standard, and so it uses beef patties and chicken strips instead of roasted bacon (i.e. pork). The Mozza Burger is best paired with soft drinks and french fries.

What is a Mozza Burger?

The original Mozza Burger is made out of seasoned beef patty, layered with roasted bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and the Mozza sauce in between sesame seed buns.

With the widespread popularity of A&W across the globe, there are different versions of the original Mozza Burger to adhere to local laws and regulations.

In Malaysia, the Mozza Burger is made out of two beef patties, layered with grilled chicken strips, crispy lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cheddar cheese and the special Mozza sauce.

How to Make a Delicious Homemade Mozza Burger

A homemade Mozza Burger can be made by creating a combination of beef patties and mushroom blend and then shaping it into patty forms. The patties are then grilled to perfection, based on personal preference of doneness.

Though optional, the mushrooms can be cooked with butter. Place a slice of cheese on top of each patty to allow it to melt. Lastly, assemble the patty in between burger buns and add bacon slices, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms that may suit your personal preferences.  

Variations to the Mozza Burger

Across most A&W franchises, the Mozza Burgers are sold as Double Mozza Burger, which means that the burger comes with two beef patties instead of one beef patty.

In countries that subscribe to halal standards such as Malaysia, the Mozza Burger will be sold without the roasted pork, and it will be substituted with chicken strips instead. However, the Mozza Burger sold in Malaysia comes with cheddar cheese and not mozzarella cheese like the Western franchises.

In Thailand, the Mozza Burger sold at their local A&W have either pork or beef options for you to choose from and it is sold in a set with root beer and curly fries. In Singapore, the Mozza Burger is sold as a similar set-style as in Thailand, but it does not sell the pork burger, only the beef burger is sold.

There are different versions of the Mozza Burger sold worldwide that may vary from one another to suit regional flavours and tastes.

Nutritional Value of  Mozza Burger

The total amount of calories found in the Mozza Burger is 620 calories. The dish is also high in carbohydrates, fat and protein contents. The carbs are mainly found in sesame seed buns.

Carbohydrates are the great source of energy, and they help in adding fuel to your organs, such as the brain, kidneys, central nervous system and many more. The high levels of proteins can be found from the beef patty, roasted bacon, Mozza sauce, chicken strips and mozzarella cheese.

Meat and cheese are vital for muscle building as they contain high levels of proteins and irons. There are various other nutrients found in the Mozza burger, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

Where to find Mozza Burger in Malaysia

Interested in trying out the delicious Mozza Burger? Head on over to A&W (Anywhere in Klang Valley) for a delicious meal. Find more of Fast Food cuisine on foodpanda!

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