Dish of the Day: Popcorn

Dish of the Day: Popcorn

Everyone, especially little children, love popcorn. This Western-style snack has existed for centuries and has since been passed down by many generations across the world.

Since the origin of this peckish snack, popcorn has since evolved into having various types of flavours. In Malaysia alone, we have a large variety; we even have our very own unique blend of tastes available, such as rendang and curry.

Popcorn And Its Origins

Popcorn is made from a type of corn kernel that explodes into fluffy masses when exposed to heat. Invented by Native Americans, archaeologists have found centurion version of popcorn kernels in Peru and Utah from thousands of years ago.

Back in Native American culture, the snack was also used for religious ceremonies and rituals. People scattered them during their cultural practices, and sometimes, people would wear them as decorations in their hair.

The Different Types

Typically, the most basic flavour you will find is caramel, where the corn kernels are coated in melted butter and caramel to give it its taste. Another more traditional flavour is salted caramel, in which they use salted butter and caramel to glaze the corn kernels instead.

Sometimes, certain places top their popcorns with different condiments. These may include almonds, peanuts, melted cheese and more.

There are a lot more variations in flavours depending on the country and its people. In America, typical flavours include cinnamon, caramel bacon, cheddar, coffee caramel, and so on. As for Malaysia, our more common flavours include salted caramel, rendang, barbecue, sweet tomato, sea salt, cheese, and so on.

Popcorn Stores In Malaysia

In Malaysia, other than in cinemas, we can also find popcorn stores around malls. And out of all of them, the most famous one is, without a doubt, Garrett Popcorn.

First opened in Chicago, America, they opened up a franchise store in Malaysia, and it has blown up since. They have many distinctive flavours such as caramel crisp, cheese corn, macadamia, almond caramel, and more, that separate them from the rest.

Another famous store here is Eureka Snack Bar. Even though its name does not give out the impression of a popcorn store, they have many unique flavours catered for locals, and they often hand out samples for customers to try. Unique flavours you can find in Eureka include wasabi, tomato, curry, sour cream, kimchi, and many more!

Where Can You Find Popcorn?

Despite what you may think, popcorn isn’t challenging to make. All you have to do is buy some corn kernels and microwave them at home!

Just be sure that you cover them in aluminium foil, or else the kernels will pop everywhere in the microwave or oven. You can even coat the corn kernels with your prefered condiments without having to be judged.

Other than that, you can also find this popular snack at a local store:

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