Dish of the Day: “Pot holder” cake -Banh Re

Dish of the Day: “Pot holder” cake -Banh Re

A dessert that we all need when we are craving for a sweet Vietnam dish. This Vietnam dish is often enjoyed over tea-time. People also are enjoying snacking on bahn re while chilling with their loved ones. The dreamy taste of this dessert will bring you out of your comfort zone.

What is Banh Re

Bahn re is the Vietnam dessert that is made of sweet potato. One type of cake that is best eaten at any time, in the cold and during the hot, this dessert makes the nest snack, and it is also good as a packed food to be carried to picnic when sightseeing and when you are at work. This cake can be found in two colours; red and yellow. But both are made of similar ingredients; sweet potato or tapioca.

History of Banh Re

This cake is originally from a province called Binh Thuan in Vietnam. The people there enjoyed eating potato the most and created a new recipe of cake to savour the taste of sweet potato. For its beautiful taste, banh re became the talk of the town and later on, became of the best sweet-potato dessert all the way from Central Vietnam and spread to whole Vietnam.

In the presence, banh re has become the significant dish in a coastal port city in Southern Vietnam called Phan Thiet. With the tourist flooding in the beautiful place, bahn re is well-loved by the tourist from all over the world, making its one of the famous Vietnam food in there.

Making the bahn re has become the traditional profession for almost every family in Phan Tiet. Hence, the competition between every family is high and resulting in different versions of banh re which are all tastes different and delicious with various flavours and shapes.

Each of different bahn re is tasty and has different flavour but the core ingredient is still the same; sweet potato. For its unique and beautiful taste people often travel from all around the world to Vietnam for the sake of bahn re. The dreamy taste of this dessert is making you travel back to the old days.

How to make Banh Re

First off, you need to prepare for the ingredients, which are sweet potato, fresh cassava and desirable flavors. Then you need to prepare the sweet potato by peeling and grooming into fibers. The fibers then will be shaped into a long thin strand. The next step is pouring some oil coconut oil in a deep-frying pan and heat it first to 200 degrees.

After heating it, put the long thin strands into the blazing pan and use a ladle to press the the strands deep into the oil. The cooked bahn re will turn yellowish. Upon its turning into yellowish, take out the strands and roll it into circular shape and ta-da the banh re is finished. For the dip or flavour, you can slow-cook sugar and water to make caramel.

Dip in the banh re into the caramel and it is fully coated.  Now the banh re caramel-flavor can be eaten to your heart content. With the crispy and crunchy taste of sweet potato sweetened by the caramel, the dreamy taste will bring you out of your heated environment.

Where to Find Banh Re in Malaysia

Banh re can be found at the nearest restaurant Guess What Vietnamese Pho Restaurant. This restaurant serves the best banh re for you and your beloved ones. You do not want to miss this famous dish. Get yours now from the nearest Saigon House Cuisine.

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