Dish of the Day: Roti Milo

Dish of the Day: Roti Milo

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Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. This perfectly describes Roti Milo. Enjoy this sweet delight while on-the-go or hanging out with friends and family. It is easy to make and widely available at most restaurants in Malaysia.

What is Roti Milo?

Roti is the Malay word for bread. Milo is a highly sweetened chocolate powder that is commonly used to make beverages. So, Roti Milo is the combination of these two ingredients which is how this sweet in-between meal snack came to be. The bread is heavily sprinkled with Milo powder on the inside and out. Sometimes, condensed milk or sugar is added for extra sweetness.

History of Roti Milo

Roti, mainly refers to the flatbread and refers to the Indian flatbread by the same name. It is believed that Roti, became common in Malaysia due to the British colonisation. Thousands of Indians were brought in by the British as cheap labour. Thus, these Indians brought their cuisine and culture to Malaysia and it soon spread throughout the region.

The most popular type of Roti is Roti Canai, an Indian-influenced flatbread. It is usually served with curry but can also be combined with various ingredients such as sardines, egg, meat, and cheese. The combination of Indian-Malay culture produced various types of Roti and Roti Milo is one of them.

How to make Roti Milo?

Roti is one of the staple foods in Malaysia besides rice. It is widely available, come in different variations, and is easy to consume. Roti is a general term for a variety of bread-based food that is eaten by Malaysians almost every day.

Roti Milo is commonly served in restaurants by combining Roti Canai with Milo powder. This delicious snack is simple enough to make at home by using common bread slices such as white breads and wholemeal breads.

There are two ways to prepare Roti Milo. The first and easiest way is just by sprinkling the Milo powder on top of the bread and eating it. Condensed milk and sugar can also be added if you have a sweet tooth.

The second method is a bit complex as it required some frying. The end product of this method closely resembles the Roti Milo that is sold in restaurants. The ingredients used are bread (usually white bread) and Milo powder. The bread is pressed flat to reduce oil absorption while frying.

The Milo powder is mixed with some water to produce viscous filling. Condensed milk can be used to substitute the water. The Milo filling is then put on top of a slice of bread, and is closed by pressing the edges tightly together. The last step is to fry it in hot cooking oil until it turns golden brown. So, this will produce a crunchy outside and soft inside.

Where to find Roti Milo in Malaysia?

The majority of restaurants that sell Roti Canai have this version of bread. You can try a simple Roti Milo from Restoran Al Naz (Putrajaya), or if you feel adventurous, there are four types of Roti Milo at Roti Canai 17 (Kajang). 

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