Dish of the Day: Salted Shredded Meat (Ruoc)

Dish of the Day: Salted Shredded Meat (Ruoc)

Salted shredded meat or better known as ruoc in Vietnam is one of the authentic food that you can find in street stalls and restaurants all over Vietnam. The savoury taste of this salted shredded meat is best enjoyed over lunchtime with your circle of friends and family. With every bite of salted shredded meat, you grow to like and crave for this chewy and savoury snack.

What is Salted Shredded Meat (Ruoc)?

Salted shredded meat is one of the famous Vietnamese side dishes. The meat is pulled to make it into shreds that will melt inside in your mouth. The juicy flavours of the meat is enriched with salt to give it its savoury and salty taste. 

History of Salted Shredded Meat (Ruoc)

Humans have consumed meat from as far as we can remember. Hunting animals was the norm due to the fact that it was and still is, the most important source of protein. The majority of meat consumed back in the day were domesticated sheep and cattle. Sheep has been domesticated for its meat, from as early as 8000 BCE. The rich taste of sheep meat had farmers keeping livestock to rear and breed different types of sheep in Mesopotamia, around 3500 BCE.

In modern times, there exists more than 200 different sheep breeds. For cattle, it was first domesticated in Mesopotamia, around 5000 BCE. Since ancient times, meat has been enjoyed in every cooking technique possible whether by slow-cooking, deep-frying, boiling, grilling or searing the meat. In Vietnam, meat is enjoyed after pulling it to shreds of meat and salted. 

Types of Salted Shredded Meat (Ruoc)

There are various kinds of shredded salted meat. People enjoy eating salted shredded meat in every way possible to savour the taste of the pulled meat. An example of shredded meat can be found in Mexican food such as in wraps and burritos. Second is gorditas, where salted shredded meat are used as fillings.

Third is enchiladas, which is a Mexican food where it is served with corn tortilla wrapping the salted shredded meat. Forth is salpicon which is one type of salad that is served with shredded beef on the side. Last is yukgaejang where shredded beef is used to prepare the Korean beef stew. These are many different types of shredded salted meat that is enjoyed differently by many people around the world. 

Where to Find Shredded Salted Meat (Ruoc) in Malaysia

Salted shredded meat or ruoc can be found at restaurants such as Ăn Viet and Lucky Quan Vietnamese Restaurant. These restaurants serves some of the best salted shredded meat for you and your beloved ones to try.

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