Dish of the Day: Snails and Green Banana and Tofu Soup (Oc Nau Chuoi Dau)

Dish of the Day: Snails and Green Banana and Tofu Soup (Oc Nau Chuoi Dau)

At first glance, snails on a plate may sound weird or unusual for some people. However, snails are a considerable delicacy in Vietnamese cuisine, and snail buffet is a collective term if you ever find yourselves in Vietnam.

History of Snails, Green Banana, and Tofu Soup

The Vietnamese people have been feasting snails for over hundreds of years. Traditionally, snails were collected from rice fields, lakes, springs and rivers, making them a cheap and convenient option for those who couldn’t afford farm animals. Steamed, fried, sautéed, coated in chilli and salt or grilled are some of the many ways to consume this delicacy, and they come in different toppings like lemongrass, coconut milk and chilli sauce. They are various types of snails, from either big snails (oc to) or small snails (oc nho).

What is Oc Nau Chuoi Dau?

Oc Nau Chuoi Dau is known to be a delicacy of the Northern people, and it is usually served during the weekends, holidays or special gatherings. The ingredients used for this dish are generally snails, green bananas, fried tofu, bacon, perilla, turmeric and other herbs. Sometimes, this Hanoi dish can be made into either soup or congee. You are definitely in it for a burst of flavours ranging from sweet, sour, salty and spicy.

What is so good about Oc Nau Chuoi Dau?

Listen up, bodybuilders! Eating snails can be an option for you if you are looking for high protein food. Snails are known for its low-calorie source of protein and used prevalently in other cuisines such as Escargot in French cuisine and snail sushi in Japanese cuisine.

Snails contain iron, which helps to increase the body’s red blood cells and improve blood circulation. It is also high in Vitamin B12 and magnesium as well. This dish also includes green bananas and sometimes tofu, adding sweetness and earthiness to the soup. This dish is fully packed with high proteins, magnesium and most importantly, it’s delicious. If you could not stand the tanginess of the snails, fret not as the dish is usually garnished with local herbs such as coriander leaves.

Where to find Oc Nau Chuoi Dau in Malaysia?

This being a street delicacy in Vietnam is hard to come by at our eateries. However, if you are a foodie and determined to experiment your taste buds with Vietnamese cuisines, check out Lucky Quan Vietnamese Restaurant and Pho Vietz (Midvalley). Find out more of Vietnamese cuisine on foodpanda!

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