Dish of the Day: Sour Meat Rolls (Nem Chua)

Dish of the Day: Sour Meat Rolls (Nem Chua)

If you are not familiar with Vietnamese cuisine and fermented food, Sour Meat Rolls (Nem Chua) might seem a little odd to you. After all, it is rare to have beef with sour flavours paired with bread or rice.

However, those who have tried this dish before will tell you that it’s an explosion of flavour. A bite of Nem Chua will give you a hint of sourness along with sweet, spicy and salty. Thus, making it an excellent snack to serve as appetisers.

What are Sour Meat Rolls (Nem Chua)?

This Vietnamese dish is made of minced beef and minced pork churned with fish sauce, beer, chilli and garlic.

To give it its flavour, the mixed minced meat has to be fermented for approximately 24 hours in a plastic bag.

The secret to this dish is the Nem seasoning which is also responsible for the fermentation process. Traditionally, this dish is usually eaten on its own as appetisers.

Experts say that what distinguishes between a good Nem Chua from a bad one is the sauce the quality of the pigskin used to keep the ingredients together.

The Story Behind The Dish

Nem Chua (pronounced Nem Joo) is typically considered a snack in Vietnam.

Some of the different types of Nem Chua include Thu Duc (Ho Chi Minh City), Lai Vung (Dong Thap Province), Ve Village (Hanoi), Ninh Hoa (Khanh Hoa Province), Dong Ba (Hue City) and Uoc Le Village (Ha Dong Province). In some cases, different ingredients such as guava leaves or fig leaves are used in different variations of the recipe.

Back in the day, Nem Chua was only prepared during special occasions such as for the Lunar New Year, or a wedding. However, modern Vietnamese tend to have Nem Chua all year round.

There is no clear history as to how the Nem Chua became a popular Vietnamese street snack.

Health Nutrition of Sour Meat Rolls (Nem Chua)

Although this is a unique dish, it’s also considered as one of the healthiest street snacks there is. This is due to the fermented from pork meat and fresh herbs used in the recipe.

Pork meat isn’t just a good source of protein, but it is also rich in Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Zinc, Phosphorus and Iron – all of which are good for bone health and regulating blood pressure.

The fact that it uses a lot of garlic as well means it has antibacterial properties that can help clean your gut. Garlic is also known to help with body odour issues.

Where can you get Sour Meat Rolls (Nem Chua) in Malaysia?

We know that it requires an acquired taste to enjoy this Vietnamese dish. But for those who are more adventurous, you can make your way down to Wonton & Pho located in Taman Gembira in KL and try your luck there.

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