Dish of the Day: Spaghetti Yumeina

Dish of the Day: Spaghetti Yumeina

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If you’re a fan of fusion food, you will fall in love with the Spaghetti Yumeina. Just imagine having al dente pasta with the shoyu broth as a sauce – it’s an Asian twist to an Italian dish we know Malaysians would love.

Besides, pasta goes with almost anything, and we are surely craving for something interesting rather than the same old pasta with tomato sauce or creamy sauce. That being said, the classic taste is always good, but sometimes the taste buds crave for an adventure, and when it does, we look for something as good as the Spaghetti Yumeina.

What is a Spaghetti Yumeina

The Spaghetti Yumeina is a creative invention by Franco restaurant as a means to combine the flavours of Italian cuisine and Japanese cuisine – two of Malaysians favourite flavours.

Franco has been keeping the recipe to their broth a secret (anyone would if the soup is that good!) but to give you a hint of what it tastes like. The dish is flavoured using frankfurters, smoked chicken ham, shoyu mushrooms, baby spinach and tomatoes topped with a poached egg. So imagine a hot, runny yolk breaking into their very tasty, very mysterious broth – it’s a decadent taste with every mouthful of spaghetti.

The Concept Behind Fusion Dishes

Franco is well known for their Italian-Japanese cuisine, but fusion food has been part of the culinary culture for quite some time. For most, fusion food is just another way to combine two cultures or a way to cater to ethnic cuisine to the local taste.

The movement of fusion food is often created to a culinary genius by the name of Wolfgang Puck who is famous for his fusion creation, the most notable being the buffalo chicken spring roll and BBQ Nachos.

Blending two cultures and tradition was the human’s way of adapting. For example, the Chinese traders introduced the noodles to the world, and the Italians copied it and created their pasta. Portuguese traders brought their culinary to Melaka, and from that, we have the Baba Nyonya cuisine, which is a fusion of the Portuguese and the Malaysian Chinese cuisine.

Fusion food was also a result of war and colonisation. The Vietnamese pancake would not have been invented if they didn’t have the influence from the American soldiers and we wouldn’t have Spaghetti Bolognese if the Italians did not introduce pasta to Americans.

In the modern world, fusion inventions are seen as a form of art. Chefs see it as a way to blend intricate cooking techniques from another country with the fresh local ingredients like in this case, combing the French cooking technique with the fresh ingredients from Japan like Shoyu and Radish.

For Franco, the concept behind the Yumeina Pasta is to combine the experience of visiting the Eiffel Tower and having a walk under the Cherry Blossoms. Even their restaurant is designed to bring you the feeling of dining in the romantic city of love as well as the romantic cherry blossom season in Japan.

Where to get the best Spaghetti Yumeina in Malaysia

If you’re ready to give this fusion dish a try, there’s no other than Franco that serves this beautiful creation. Franco is located in different locations across Malaysia including One Utama, Paradigm Mall, Nu Sentral, IOI Mall, Forest City in Johor Bahru and Dataran Pahlawan in Melaka.

The best part of this article is that you can have your Spaghetti Yumeina delivered to you via the foodpanda app. This way you can enjoy your meal without leaving your couch!

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